Shinzo Abe: Chilling Video Captures Moment Former Japanese Prime Minister is Shot at While Delivering Speech [GRAPHIC]

The chilling video shows one security personnel standing outside the podium when two shots are heard and a puff of smoke is seen inside the glass-covered room

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A chilling video has emerged that captures the moment former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was shot at by an unidentified gunman, as his security personnel chase him down and then take him away. Abe was shot at on Friday morning by an unidentified gunman while he was delivering a speech at Nara in western Japan.

Abe was immediately transported to the hospital but is reportedly showing no vital signs. The video shows two shots being fired at Abe from an unidentified location. His security men can be seen rushing to him, followed by paramedics who start treating him there, before another set of cops chases down the gunman on the street.

Shot from Nowhere

Abe's speech was being broadcast on live television when he was shot from behind. The chilling video shows one security personnel standing outside the podium when two shots are heard and a puff of smoke is seen inside the glass-covered room. The security personnel can be seen immediately turning around as they then immediately jump and cross the barricaded area and rush toward Abe.

Shinzo Abe
Shinzo Abe lying unconscious on the road after being shot in the chest as paramedics try to revive him Twitter

Abe can be seen standing and delivering the speech when a puff of smoke engulfs the glass room and he instantly collapses. Police officers deployed at the scene can be seen attending to him as paramedics rush toward him. The area was immediately sealed off.

Shinzo Abe shot at
Smoke can be seen engulfing the room immediately after two shots were fired from behind at Shinzo Abe Twitter

Another video shows paramedics attending to Abe on the road, while four cops chase down the shooter a few meters away and then neutralize him. The shooter is seen wearing light brown trousers and a grey T-shirt.

Abe collapsing
Cops rush toward Abe as he is seen falling on the ground Twitter

The entire event was captured on video by NHK, which was broadcasting the event. Other videos posted on social media show law enforcement officials rushing on the street, with most with clueless looks on their faces.

Tragedy Strikes

The incident happened around 11:30 am local time when Abe was delivering a speech at Nara, Western Japan ahead of Sunday's upper house elections when the apparent sound of gunshots was heard, national broadcaster NHK and the Kyodo news agency said.

Abe started bleeding profusely and collapsed on the stage even before his security team could rush to him. A gunshot-like noise was heard, and an NHK reporter on the scene observed Abe bleeding.

Shinzo Abe shooter
The moment Shinzo Abe's suspected shooter is captured and arrested Twitter

According to reports, the former Prime Minister is in critical condition after being shot twice in the chest and is showing no vital signs after being rushed to a hospital following the attack.

Local media also reported that the suspected shooter was carrying a shotgun from where both the shots were fired.

"A local fire department says former prime minister Abe appears to be in a state of cardio-respiratory arrest," public broadcaster NHK said -- a term used in Japan before a feared death can be confirmed by a doctor.

The city of Nara, located in south-central Honshu, is the prefecture's capital, is otherwise a peaceful place.

The suspect is now in custody and is being interrogated.