Chilling Moment When Philadelphia Uber Driver with Gun Permit Shoots 3 Armed Robbers, Killing One [VIDEO]

The unnamed Uber driver had the permit to carry guns and without hesitation fired at the robbers, killing one.

A brave Uber driver, who was attacked by a trio of robbers, fired at two of the criminals, killing one as they tried to rob him and steal his car. According to police, the three armed men approached the driver as he exited his car on the 3200 block of Longshore Avenue in Mayfair just after midnight on Saturday, FOX29 Philadelphiareported.

According to reports, the unnamed Uber driver had the permit to carry guns. Dramatic footage of the incident shows the Uber driver shooting at two of the robbers, while one somehow managed to save himself and flee.

Costly Carjacking Attempt

The driver firing at the robbers
The driver firing at the robbers Twitter

The carjackers were taken by surprise when the Uber driver charged back at them, open firing multiple shots. Video footage shows the unnamed driver getting down from his car with a package in hand. The three men are seen approaching him from the other side of the car.

The suspects then demanded money from the man, who told them there was some in his car, police told WPVI-TV. As the suspects searched the car, the unnamed Uber driver pulled his firearm. That's when the driver is seen blasting away at the robbers, who run for their lives, while two got hit by the quick-thinking driver.

Two of the suspects, both in their 20s, were struck several times and rushed to a hospital, according to authorities. One suspect was pronounced dead at the Jefferson Torresdale Hospital and the other remains in critical condition.

Presence of Mind

The two suspects who were shot were not identified, but police said both were 20 years old. The third suspect remains on the loose. Police said it was unclear whether the third suspect who fled was injured in the shooting. The three men not had plans of robbing the driver but also were had planned to carjack him.

Robber collapsing
One of the robbers collapsing after being shot by the Uber driver Twitter

"I don't really like violence," one Mayfair local told WPVI-TV. "But it's in self-defense, so if he didn't shoot them, they might have shot him. So I think, in that case, there's not much he can do."

The Uber driver stayed at the scene and waited for police, authorities said. Police said that one arrest has been made and two firearms were recovered at the scene.

Police have also applauded the Uber driver for his bravery and presence of mind. He hasn't been charged given that he did it for self defense. Police also said that the Uber driver was not injured and had a license to carry a firearm.