Chilling Moment Hamas Terrorist Brags About Killing 10 Jews While Talking to Parents from Phone of Israeli Hostage He Shot Dead [LISTEN]

He repeatedly urged his father to open the messages and view the images of the people he had targeted.

The Israel Defense Force has alleged that a Hamas terrorist bragged to his parents about killing 10 Jews while speaking to them using one of his victim's phones. In a haunting clip, the terrorist uses a phone belonging to a Jewish woman to call his parents where he boasts that he is a "hero" for killing Israelis with his own hands.

The audio was played by the IDF as part of a 45-minute-long compilation of footage, which was shown to journalists at a military base in Tel Aviv. Another Hamas gunman's bodycam video shows him throwing a grenade at a father and his two sons as they were hiding out.

Chilling and Disturbing

Hamas audio clip
The audio clip was released by the Israeli Defense Forces which was shared with a group of journalists X

In the unedited clip, an unidentified Hamas terrorist can be heard telling his parents to quickly open his latest WhatsApp message to see the evidence of the Jews he claims to have murdered.

"Look how many I killed with my own hands! Your son killed Jews!"

He even boasted to his father that he had taken a phone from a Jewish woman he had killed in Mefalsim, a kibbutz located not far from the Gaza border.

"I killed her and I killed her husband," he said. "I killed 10 with my own hands! Dad, 10 with my own hands!"

He repeatedly urged his father to open the messages and view the images of the individuals he had targeted.

The two appear to express their joy and excitement over the phone, with the terrorist's voice filled with emotion as he excitedly reiterates several times that he has killed nearly a dozen people.

"Oh my son, God bless you!" his father said.

"I swear, 10 with my own hands," the Hamas terrorist repeated when his mother returned to the line. "I killed 10 with my own hands.

Israeli female soldiers executed
Hamas terrorists seen executing wounded female Israeli soldiers who took refuge under a table X

"Mom, your son is a hero! Kill, kill, kill!"

In response, his mother says the she hopes that he will return home safely.

His parents implore him to come back home, but he declines, stating, "There is no going back. It's either death or victory."

He then goes back to ask his parents to open his message and "see the dead." It remains unclear if they actually saw the messages he shared or the content of the images.

Celebrating His Killings

IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari mentioned that the recording was initially presented at the UN Security Council.

Shani Louk
Shani Louk's lifeless body seen being paraded on a truck by Hamas millitants X

Another video, recorded from the body camera of another Hamas gunman, shows a disturbing act where a Hamas terrorist mercilessly throws a grenade at a father and his two sons who are in their pajamas, huddled in fear in their hiding place.

The blast tragically claimed the life of the father, and his sons were left covered in his blood, with one of them appearing to have suffered an eye injury, according to reports from The Atlantic.

Hamas babies
A Hamas militant seen holding an infant kidnapped during last week's surprise attack on Israel X

The terrified children sought refuge in their kitchen, crying for their mother, fearing for their lives, as the terrorist responsible for their father's death entered and requested water.

The footage was so disturbing that it nearly caused one viewer to become physically ill.

A new segment of unedited footage, captured from the body camera of another Hamas gunman during the terror group's brutal attacks on unsuspecting civilians on October 7, has also been released.

The video showed a scene where the gunman, holding an AK-47 assault rifle, demanded that a pair of Israelis driving slowly along the road halt their vehicle.

Without allowing the driver a moment to respond, the gunman promptly opened fire on the vehicle from very close range. The passengers inside could be seen flinching from the hail of bullets within the cabin as the car continued to roll forward.

Hamas murder
A blood-soaked bead of a baby in Kibbutz Kerem Shalom X

The release of this footage was announced by government spokesman Eylon Levy, who cited the need to counter what he referred to as a 'Holocaust denial-like phenomenon.' This move came in response to the criticism and backlash Israel faced over its airstrikes in the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, Israeli airstrikes in Gaza continued over the weekend and into Monday, targeting locations in Gaza, two airports in Syria, and a mosque in the occupied West Bank, which was allegedly being used by militants.

According to Gaza's Hamas-run health ministry, more than 5,000 people have lost their lives in the besieged Palestinian enclave since Israel initiated its intensive bombing campaign over two weeks ago.