Chile Employee Accidentally Receives 330 Times His Salary Due to HR Mistake; Resigned, Vanished After Company Asked to Return Money

A Chilean man has been accidentally paid 330 times his salary by his company. The man, who resigned after his salary was credited to his account, has now vanished.

The employee at Consorcio Industrial de Alimentos (Cial) normally receives a paycheck of 500,000 Chilean pesos (about $555) and was accidentally paid a check for $183,593.

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Screwup In The Company's HR Department

The worker was paid a massive amount due to a screwup in the firm's HR department.

The worker, whose name is not made public, reported the overpayment to his manager, and only then HR mistake was found.

Worker Was Asked To Return The Money

The employee was asked to immediately contact his bank and initiate the transfer of the money to back the company's account.The worker told his manager that he will transfer the amount next day after going to the bank.

But the money was not returned back to the company's account.

Employee Resigned And Vanished Suddenly

Three days later, a lawyer contacted the company representing the employee and tendered his client's resignation.

After that, the company has been failed to maintain any communication as reports claimed that the man vanished suddenly.

Company Filed A Complaint Charging The worker With Misappropriation of Funds

The company has filed a complaint charging the worker with misappropriation of funds, in hopes of recovering some of the lost money, but so far there have been no arrests. While a windfall like that would be huge in any country, it's especially notable in Chile, where the average worker takes home roughly $1,000 U.S. per month, according to Forbes.

"He was informed and clarified that this money did not correspond to the payment of any service," says the legal action, in which it is specified that the defendant had to go to his bank to generate a sight voucher in the name of Cial, according to Diario Financiero, a Santiago-based newspaper.