Children Are Meant To Be OG | Unlock Their Potential With PREGSHIFT

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Often pregnant couples put themselves, and the growing kid inside the womb, under a lot of pressure to be a certain thing. Even after birth, this strain continues and the kid is expected to be perfect or to ace at everything. This eventually influences his behaviour and personality; often on the downside. Ever wondered what if he was like God's signature creation? What if without our meddling, the kid is just perfect? And us, trying to change him is actually stopping one from becoming his best version. This is exactly where Mind Studios get into the picture. Their PREGSHIFT Program is changing the way we perceive pregnancy, child-birth and parenting, with one happy pregnancy and child-raising at one time.

Having reconstructed the lives of 9000+ people from 13+ countries across the globe, Mikita Desai, the cofounder of Mind Studios, fills this complex journey of parenthood with contentment and bliss. With her two decades of international exposure, she uses CBT and DFR models to bring a unique blend of solutions for couples, going beyond garbhsanskar and child-rearing. This makes her company the only one that identifies, formats and reprograms issues from roots and forever. Her prowess works magic based on her experience not just as a psychologist but also as a mother herself.

At Mind Studios, they identify and break the non-contributing patterns with their root causes and are experts at transforming them by reverse-engineering the problem-causing pathways. With 20+ years of experience, they endow each case with unbelievable depth, tracing as far as three generations of blockages and patterns. They pinpoint and heal the source of the fears and uncertainties that are often brought by unplanned pregnancies to the mother, father as well as the newborn. They have healed hundreds of parents across the globe from the pre/post/ongoing effects of conceiving, birth and rearing.

One of their cases was a 7 year-oldRutwik, who was suffering from consistent skin allergies. Mikita dug deeper and traced the history to find out that the root cause lies at the time of pregnancy. His then financially struggling father's fears had given way to skin issues in growing Rutwik. They prospered but the fragments of this stress, apprehension and pregnancy trauma stayed. After consulting Mind Studios, all three of them healed, emotionally and physically. A similar case of two young girls and their father's stammering was cured for once and all, by identifying the origin as their outspoken grandmother's repressive parenting approach. She was very harsh, and hence the girls' father became non-expressive and this resulted in stammering and further, got passed down to his daughters. There are innumerable Rutwiks who can be completely healed along with the generations that exist or are to come, only if they can realise the baggage that they inadvertently carry for a lifetime. And Mind Studios strives to help them.

In most cases of unplanned children, the child struggles through fears, the uncertainty of future and feelings of being unwanted. Unplanned pregnancy creates a huge impact on the mother, father and newborn. Similarly, 90% of working mothers carry the guilt of not giving their 100% to the child, even while she did her best. This guilt results in her waning interest in her career. Mikitaa has helped them to create a balance between their family and work-life by balancing their emotions. In fact, even customs and practices might leave residual guilt and frustration in modern mothers. For instance, when pregnant Ayesha attended different garbh-sanskar programs she was unable to follow all the guidelines and accumulated guilt of not giving 100% to her child and followed everything out of force. This built anger in her leading to unwanted changes in her behaviour. Mikitaa helped her to set herself free, and have a happy pregnancy journey with smooth labour and delivery.

Mind Studios have been successfully transforming lives with their distinct offering since 2000. Their eccentric use of 12+ modalities, like metaphor and handwriting analysis, and clinical psychology, to reprogram the mind makes them a nonpareil leader in the industry. Starting from neuroplasticity, chromotherapy and CBT and energy medicine, they are striving to change the world while reaching out to one person, one family, and one home at a time. If you are planning or expecting a baby soon or have just had one, or looking for a great upbringing for your child and learn awesome tactics of parenting then PREGSHIFT might be best for you. Embrace a mindful pregnancy and parenthood with Mind Studios.

This article was first published on September 9, 2021