Chief Kim: Episode 12 hits record 18.4 percent viewership

The drama has been receiving steady viewership ever since its premiere.

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Chief Kim aka Good Manager is once again making waves for its record viewership. The 12th episode has hit a record high viewership of 18.4 percent, according to Neilsen Korea. The previous episode also received the same ratings.

The drama has been receiving steady viewership ever since its premiere. The cool bromance, gripping story line and sizzling chemistry are said to have won the hearts of K-drama lovers. Chief Kim is a light-hearted comedy entertainer, which fans describe as a stress buster.

"I'm stressed out from work these days and have few chances to laugh. Watching "Chief Kim" and laughing out loud really busts my work stress," a viewer was quoted as saying to Korea Times.

In the recent episode, Namgoong Min is plotting a master plan to take revenge against Seo Yul, played by 2PM's Junho. However, their unexpected bromance is highly praised and loved by fans. The drama revolves around Kim Sung-ryong, an accountant who becomes a middle manager at TQ Group company to embezzle a large sum of money, but ends up fighting for his employees' fundamental rights.

It also stars Nam Sang-mi, Lee Jun-ho and Jung Hye-sung in important roles and is aired on KBS2 every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:00 (KST). A perfect office drama, Chief Kim also features some real-life scenarios at the Korean workplace.

When Soompi quipped about the rising popularity of the drama, Namgoong said: "The secret to the popularity of 'Chief Kim' is in its humor and how relatable it is. It's not hard to watch; viewers can enjoy it without thinking much, which I think is why it gained attention. The atmosphere at the studio is very bright and lively. All of the actors are filming with smiles on their faces, and I think viewers are somehow able to feel that."

Nam also thanked his fans for the overwhelming love and support that his team has been receiving ever since the first episode.

This article was first published on March 3, 2017