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Chief Kim wrapped up after airing the final episode on March 30. On such an occasion the cast and crew gathered to express their thoughts on the drama.

The drama managed to remain at the top spot with the highest viewership ratings in its time slot for sixteen episodes in a row.

During the filming of the last episode of the drama, the entire cast wrote messages on their scripts and snapped photos.

According to Soompi, Namgoong Min, who played the lead role Kim Sung Ryong, wrote, "I'm very sad about leaving behind the character that I'd been inhabiting for so long. Thank you to all the actors, staff, and especially the viewers of 'Chief Kim.'"

Chief Kim's Yoon Ha Kyung(Nam Sang Mi) thanked everyone for all the good moments that she will never forget.

2PM's Junho expressed, "It feels like the first filming was just yesterday but it's already the end. I feel happy but regretful at the same time. Everyone worked hard and went through a lot during the filming but since we received a lot of love I think we had a good time."

Jung Hye Sung thanked everyone for appreciating her role of naive Ga Eun and being by the side of the team. She also said, "I already feel empty knowing that I won't be going into work every morning."

Kim Won Hae considered the drama to be his 'life's work' and thanked everyone for all the love they showed.

Kim Kang Hyunwrote, "Thanks to 'Chief Kim' and everyone, I had a good time. I love you."

The production company of the drama, Logos Film stated, "We once again express deep gratitude to all the actors who worked on 'Chief Kim' with lots of passion and affection. The actors and production staff did their best to make a high-quality production. We hope the audience's outpouring of love was because they recognized this work."