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The tvN's Chicago Typewriter's first look is out and the Yoo Ah-in starrer drama is about a famous author who is struggling with writer's block. It has released a set of teasers introducing the three lead characters of the drama. The air date of the series is scheduled in early April and the show looks slick and stylish at the first glance.

Yoo Ah-in plays the character of a bestselling author who is prickly and sensitive. He, at the age of 21 turns out to be a brilliant writer but presently he is facing a severe writer's block and cannot write a single word. The editor suggests him to take a ghostwriter which is played by Go Kyung-pyo whose character is too mysterious.

Im Soo-jung also stars in the series playing the role of a literary buff who was once a huge fan of Yoo Ah-in's works but ended up being his biggest critic because of some series of incidents that happened. There is also a rival of Yoo Ah-in, Kwak Shi-yang who is the son of a famous author and is jealous of Yoo Ah-in's success.

The story of the upcoming series revolves around the writers who are like being fed through a typewriter. As in the first teaser, Yoo Ah-in says, "I'm star writer Han Se-joo. But… I can't write." Go Kyung-pyo mentions, "I'll write for you. But I have one condition…" Yoo Ah-in reveals in voiceover, "My secret deal with him has begun."

In the other teaser, Yoo Ah-in says, "The two things I don't need in my life: a ghostwriter and a woman. They've appeared."

Yoo Ah-in also says in voiceover, "Love's miracle that begins with an old typewriter. Antique romance Chicago Typewriter."

Chicago Typewriter is scheduled to begin on April 7, following Tomorrow With You on Fridays and Saturdays.