Chicago Drive-by-Shooting: 14 People, Including Several Children, Injured in Halloween Night Horror

A fun-filled Halloween night took a hellish twist when a drive-by-shooting on Chicago's West Side in the area of South California Avenue and West Polk Street left as many as 14 people, including children, injured.

The Chicago Police Department confirmed that multiple people had been shot in the 2700-block of West Flournoy in the attack that lasted just three seconds. A 3-year-old, 11-year-old and 13-year-old were among those injured, the rest of the shooting victims were adults.

Incident Lasted Only 3 Seconds

Police said the drive-by-shooting lasted only three seconds wherein the shooters fired randomly into the crowd. David Brown, the Chicago Police Superintendent, revealed that a pod camera showed at least one car involved in the shooting. The police believe at least two shooters opened fire on a crowd standing at the intersection for a vigil.

Investigators are trying to determine why people had gathered. Brown said it was likely for more than one reason. A witness said a vigil was held, and a balloon release for someone who had recently died of natural causes. A bystander said he started helping injured people, but there were not enough emergency vehicles. "We picked up another girl, a little girl, about 13, and we brought her to that ambulance. But the ambulance driver said no, we can't bring her in because you have people worse. So we just sat her on the bumper."

The eye witness also found a little girl with a bullet wound under her knee and took her to a nearby hospital, where he so an adult man who was reportedly shot in the head. The shooting victims were taken to various hospitals in the area.

The police are investigating the incident to find the shooter and the motive. Brown said there is no history of conflicts on the corner where the shooting happened.