Cherry Dana Shares 5 Tips to Help Aspiring Instagram Models Build a Massive Fan Base Online

Cherry Dana

It seems like everywhere you look, the next Instagram model is out there trying to get your attention. With influencer marketing on the rise, many people turn to the platform to build a career but quickly learn it is not as easy as it appears. Successful influencer, content creator, and model Cherry Dana has worked her way to the top and shares her top five tips for aspiring Instagram models.

1. Be yourself.

Cherry Dana feels strongly that the world is too full of people trying to be something they are not. "Authenticity is key," she says. "Don't be afraid to be yourself. Your audience doesn't want to see something fake. They want something real. Put yourself out there, and don't look back.

2. Have a plan.

"ROI doesn't happen overnight. Sometimes it takes years," explains Cherry Dana. "But it is always worth it. Make a strategy and stick to it." What the Instagram influencer did to grow her vast following was look at engagement as a long-term strategy bringing her closer to her goals. She explains, "Think about where you want to be in terms of followers and create a roadmap for yourself."

3. Delegate.

Cherry Dana intimately understands her strengths and weaknesses, and she isn't afraid to outsource the things she cannot accomplish on her own. "Many people don't understand how hard social media can be," she says. "There are many roles and responsibilities, and you have to recognize that you can't do it all. Growth is about scale, so it is important to ask for help."

4. Trust your instinct.

For Cherry Dana, it is all about understanding your vision and being brave enough to say no to everything that isn't. "Stick to your goal seven when it's hard," she says. "There are so many distractions, but you have to stay confident and stay strong in the face of adversity." She knows that challenges are inevitable. "You just have to let your gut be your guide."

5. Keep a positive mindset.

Overall, it's imperative to keep a positive mindset. "Social media is a crazy journey," she explains. "There will be a lot of ups and downs. Success hinges on your mindset and how well you deal with challenges."

Cherry Dana has exploded from social media platforms to a full-fledged brand, including CherryDTV where she talks about everything from life to relationships. By cultivating a brand on her unique talents and believing in herself, she loves teaching others how to do the same. To her, success is all about dedication and being real with your audience. "I love what I've built, and I interact with incredible people every day. What more could you ask for?"