Chef Cristian Marino: The most famous Italian Chef in the World?

Cristian Marino

"The day I want to say to myself that I am at the top, I will stop cooking becauseI will fail for sure . You need to carry on aiming for the best and keep on learning, that should be your spirit for you, for the young chefs who are working with you out there and for your clients. The future is today, and my ambitions are not the same since the day I started, they just changed and grew the same together with me and my age : To last..." – Cristian Marino

Cristian was born in Milan and had moved to Calabria at a very young age, soon after that Cristian began learning cooking from their parents' restaurant in Calabria. However, to explore this world, before leaving Italy, Cristian made sure that he attained enough of what Italy has to offer by working in different places inside Italy. At the age of 17,he left the south and moved back to the north of Italy where he studied at the"E. Maggia"Hotel school in Stresa on the Maggiore Lake and spending the evening working in hotels and restaurants in the area .

Cristian's resume includes a travel experience of over 10 countries, and with a portfolio of restaurants from Asia through Europe to the Middle East. He has also obtained and maintained 'The Golden Q' from OspitalitàItaliana for all the Italian restaurants that he has worked for. Along with that, he has also achieved the 'Silver Plate' which he had obtained after the visit of the representative of the AccademiaItaliana Della Cucina.

Along with his experiences within Italy, France , UK, Spain , Croatia, Romania , Bulgaria ,Indonesia and Dubai.The chef has also travelled and been inspired by the over 30 countries he has visited while working for Silversea – a multi-awarded 6 stars Cruise Ship. He affirmed his career as Executive chef in Europe for Radisson Blu and InterContinental. After that he went to work at Marriott International, East Java-Indonesia, to work as a Complex Executive Chef for two pre-opening hotels and finally now he became the Italian Chef consultant for the global hospitality market .

The ethos behind Cristian Marino's cuisine is passionately described as being, and it is Cristian's combination of embracing the future, whilst giving a hearty nod to the past, that delivers the innovation, passion and quality which is very closely associated with the master chef. Despite all this, Cristian Marino insists on keeping everything simple and letting his cooking do the talking.

The CM Menu by Cristian Marino

Flagship service of Cristian Marino is the 'CM Menu', a signed menu by Chef Cristian Marino, an authentic Italian menu solely conceived for your business. Chef Cristian Marino undertakes to design, implement and maintain it with scheduled visits throughout the year. The basic idea for this scheme is to provide my menu to the authentic Italian restaurants and international hotels worldwide .

"Due to this pandemic, it has become difficult for me to implement this scheme. However, I hope and I believe that 2021 will overcome the pandemic and I'm confident that I can start working on the implementation part again." – Cristian Marino

It is the complete dedication to his craft that sets Cristian apart. He will never be happy with his success, because there is always something new that he wants to achieve, and a new goal to strive for. Cristian Marino's vision is very simple: his aim is to have at least one "CMMenu" in each country and to continue to be an Ambassador of Italian gastronomic culture in the world.