Check out this coolest UFO footage captured so far: Will it open new directions in the ALIEN mystery? [VIDEO]

This is the first time when a 'UFO like object' was seen magically fading the clouds in the sky.

A screen grab from the video

After a series of UFO sightings, a new footage of a mysterious object has taken over the internet leaving many people quite baffled. However, this new video is possibly to the coolest UFO footage you might have ever seen.

The video that was reportedly recorded in October from South West England's Dorset County showed a shining object hovering in the skies near a trail of cloud. While the object, which appears like a star, was seen flying, the nearby clouds started to dissipate mysteriously.

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As soon as the video was posted on social media, people started commenting and some of them even claimed that they found the UFO sighting authentic. This is the first time when a 'UFO like object' was seen magically fading the clouds in the sky.

"That is some awesome footage not only seeing a UFO but seeing how it affects change the area around it, great video man," Josh Hammond commented on the video.

A screen grab from the video

Another user, who foes by the name Steven Vitali wrote: "I've seen these light orbs with my own eyes! Here in UK, it's how I know this is genuine,but never seen one in daytime tho? I've been observing the sky for 2 years now and can't explain what they are,I grabbed my binoculars one night and focused on one and was still just a orb light I saw but closer, I know they are not a plane, drone, lantern, star etc, they don't move like them, weather balloon maybe? But why a bright light?"

However, some users were still not sure about the authenticity of the video. One of those users referred to the footage as "fakery at its best."

An user named Dee. D. Even has also tried to explain the unusual sight captured in the footage. He said: "Maybe a sample was taken" that apparently suggested that the UFO might have collected a sample of the cloud.