Check out: This actor wants to work with Park Bo Gum again

Actor Go Kyung-pyo says Park Bo-gum is like family.

Park Bogum
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There is no doubt that actor Park Bo-gum is one of the top male Hallyu stars working right now, besides the likes of Gong Yoo, Song Joong-ki and others. Not only does he have a loyal fanbase, but there are also co-stars who admire him and want to work with him. One such actor is Kwak Dong-yeon.

As noted by website Soompi, actor Kwak Dong-yeon sat down for an interview recently where he talked about his acting career and expressed his desire to act beside Park Bo-gum again, after starring with him in the hit television drama 'Moonlight Drawn by Clouds,' from KBS.

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"We talked about [working together again] during the drama's one-year anniversary meet-up. We even said 'Let's really do it this year,' but it's more difficult than we thought. We decided to discuss it more," Kwak Dong-yeon said.

In 'Moonlight Drawn by Clouds,' he had played the role of Kim Byung-yeon, an expert swordsman and scholar who is also the childhood friend and trusted confidant of Crown prince Lee Young, played by Park Bo-gum. Byung-yeon was also the head of the Royal Guard of the Crown Prince's palace.

Kwak Dong-yeong
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Kwak Dong-yeon was also asked how he chooses his acting projects, to which he said, "There isn't a particular way that I have. If it's a good story or if it's a character I want to act in, I end up wanting to do it. It's important that there's a part that pulls at you. I'm really lucky I get to be active doing this and that."

As to a type of project he'd like to work on again in the future, Dong-yeon's answer was, "Although it was short, I have fond memories of my appearance in KBS's 'Fight My Way.' I think it was a long time since I had acted that comfortably. It was so fun, so I want to try another youth drama again."

Meanwhile, Park Bo-gum's close friend Go Kyung-pyo, who recently travelled to North America with the 'Reply 1988' actor for a trip, expressed gratitude towards his friend and said, "Park Bo-gum is a special person to me. In 'Reply 1988' we became one family, but even in real life, he's like family.

"He's young, but there's a lot to learn from him, and he's reliable. I definitely rely on him. He's someone who's more than just a colleague or friend. I hope he succeeds even more than he has so far. I'm happy that all our 'Reply' friends did well and that Bo-gum is receiving a lot of love."

Go Kyung-pyo also revealed about their America trip and said, "I felt sorry towards him. We decided on the trip when I was filming 'Strongest Deliveryman,' but because of my filming schedule, I was unable to help in the planning process. He [Park Bo-gum] planned most of the trip. I just went. I'm really sorry but I'm so thankful. I worried if I could even go on the trip, but I became more excited as it drew nearer."

Kyung-pyo added, "I didn't think or plan. I just wanted to leave. I just wanted to have days where I didn't have schedules. And this trip was just that. I'm the type of traveller who can't just sit still. I always like to be active when I travel."

Park Bo-gum created controversy recently when he posted an advertisement for a prayer meeting at his church, the Jesus Centred Church of Seoul, which many consider a cult. Netizens accused him of promoting such a cult. He also recently said that he would prefer a life partner who had a similar religion and values as he does.

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