Check out these 6 natural ways to treat cracked heels and keep your feet happy

While working in the field or inside the office direct exposure to dirt or the absence of liquid gland make the lower parts of the foot drier than any parts of the body.

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In this fast-paced lifestyle, we have to be on our toes, quite literally, almost throughout the entire day. While working in the field or inside the office direct exposure to dirt or the absence of liquid gland can make out feet dry and dull. Especially winter, cold weather cause flaking and cracks on the heels. A person who suffers from such conditions can endure severe pain and uncomfortable situations. Moreover, if dry feet are not treated on time, they might lead to lifelong struggles.

Here are 6 clinically recommended tips to keep your feet happy and healthy:

Extensive moisturising

Lack of moisture is the main reason behind feet going dry. Thus Keeping your tootsies dehydrated is very important. Apply oil or other kinds of moisturizer to keep them smooth and beautiful.

If need be apply thick moisturizer on your heels as that part tend to crack the most. You can also apply petroleum jelly twice a day to keep the skin supple.

Honey and water therapy

These two ingredients can do wonders for your feet. To make sure that dead skin doesn't accumulate on them, use honey and warm water soak. Scrub your feet and apply a thick layer of moisturiser to get happy feet instantly.

Honey is known antiseptic properties and warm water softens the skin. One can easily wash away all the dirt and dead cells using this method.

Keep area between toes dry throughout the day

One important thing you should keep in mind is that the area between your toes should always be dry, otherwise you can get fungal infections like athlete's feet.

Wear cotton socks

Wear cotton socks to prevent your legs coming in contact with bacteria and dirt. However, make sure that the socks are clean and the cloth is breathable.

Comfortable footwear

Girls don't kill yourselves by wearing stilettoes all the time. Pick shoes which have sufficient room for fresh air. Not only it will help to improve your feet health, it will also prevent them from stinking and will keep fungal infections at bay.

Apply foot care cream

Nowadays you get plenty of foot creams in the market. Pick one of those, preferably with natural ingredients like mint, tea tree oil and fenugreek.

While tea tree has antibacterial properties, mint gives instant freshness and fenugreek moisturises the skin thoroughly. You can also look for Sal tree extracts, which has awesome antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.