Check out Suzy's reply when asked about her comeback album launch clashing with Red Velvet's

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Suzy held a press release on January 29, prior to her upcoming album release.

During the event, the 23-year old star was questioned about her album launch falling on the same day as Red Velvet's album release.

In response, Suzy said, "I am also a fan, so I am really looking forward to it." She added, "I am happy that we will be promoting together."

Red Velvet is also dropping their repackaged album 'The Perfect Red Velvet' at 6 pm KST on January 29 which is also the same time and date, Suzy is releasing her comeback 'Faces of love'.

The album 'Faces of love' conveys the different facades of love and the real experience of love.

'In Love with Someone Else' which is one of the tracks of the album has already been released on January 22.

Suzy is a South Korean actor and singer who rose to fame through popular group Miss A. She also acted in hit dramas like 'While You Were Sleeping', 'Uncontrollably Fond' and more.

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Check out Suzy's 'In Love with Someone Else' MV below:

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