Kim Soo Hyun's half sister Kim Joo Na shoots for International bnt [PHOTOS]

Kim Joo Na released her solo debut track titled Summer Dream on 12 September.

Produce IOI trainee Kim Joo Na sat for a casual interview with International bnt. Also known as Hallyu star Kim Soo Hyun's half-sister, Joo Na is reportedly one of the first from Mnet's singing show who has stepped into the industry as a solo artist.

During her interaction with publishment, Joo Na talked about her first ever debut showcase. She said: "It was a precious, meaningful stage. When I was on stage, thoughts of what the public would think of my song and my own anxious nerves were the most prominent. I was super nervous, but I think it wrapped up well so I'm relieved." The 22-year-old rookie released her debut track titled Summer Dream on 12 September.

Kim Joo Na is an incredible singer and has proved her singing skills by lending her voice to the High Society OST and How Do I Live Without You previously. The songstress was also tagged as one of the powerful singers in the Mnet's Produce IOI, however, she did not make it to the final eleven.

Furthermore, the new entrant also gave us insight into her dating style. The singer revealed that she would prefer a congenial partner with whom she can share a cozy bond: " I like someone whom I can share hobbies with. I'm the type to dislike uncomfortable situations, so I think I'll like someone I can date comfortably."

" I want a relationship where I can tell the other person about my difficulties and rely on each other," she said.

And when asked about her closeness with any celebrity in the industry, Joo Na instantly named boy group member, Dongwoo.

"Recently, I happened to cross paths with INFINITE's Dongwoo and ended up becoming friends. We both live in Nam-yang, so I felt like we were neighbors. He's also a sunbaenim with a great personality whom I can learn a lot from," Joo Na said.