Chasing the purpose of life is a multi-talented personality Stephon Hendricks, by creating music, authoring books and travelling the world

Stephon Hendricks

Some people are so determined in life that their ultimate goal in life only and only revolves around what they wish to achieve and how they wish to excel in their respective fields. How many times have we heard stories of changemakers in the world? The ones who live a life of purpose, of not only fulfilling their dreams but also becoming the reason behind the positive mindsets of others and becoming an inspiring example for them? Well, there are only a few rare gems like these in the world. On the other hand, most of the people today are so obsessed behind overnight success, that they do not realize the bigger picture and fail to understand that happiness can be derived by working for others and changing their lives leading them to more joy and fulfillment. One such rare gem we came across is Stephon Hendricks, aka Hendrix Sky.

The name of Hendricks has become synonymous with success as a multi-talented personality who after facing the many adversities and personal losses in life began his journey towards making a difference in people's lives in different ways.

Born to a Guyanese-Portuguese mother in Toronto, Canada, Hendricks began his career at a very naive age at only 19, by joining the Canadian military in the 3rd Battalion of the Royal Canadian Regiment Infantry full-time. He did not know then that life was going to take a very tragic turn for him. While Hendricks performed his duties at his duty tour in Afghanistan, he received the most devastating news of his life that his mother and son were diagnosed with Cancer; Hendricks then lost both of them in the same year.

This tragic incident and a huge personal loss made Hendricks introspect himself and life and ultimately made the decision to become a healer through different creative works like music and writing and influencing people through the power of travel.

With the aim to connect people through his music, Hendricks began his career into the music industry becoming a vocal artist, making people understand what life can offer and how it is to be lived for others. As a musician, he has been able to touch people's hearts with his super hit songs like "Without You", "Bump Tonight", "Make Love To Me" and the one released this year "In The Air". He has also been mentored by the Platinum music artist named 'Snow' and has got the opportunity to be a part of his Two Hands Clapping album DVD.

Apart from his excellence in creating soulful musical pieces and singles, he has also been a part of 'Notice', a renowned R&B group. The group and Hendricks together had even released a music video and a single in the year 2012, which got premiered on Toronto's most noteworthy music channel "MUCH Music".

Just like his prowess in music, his writing skills are also beyond excellence and each blog, post, or book he writes, Hendricks makes it a point that it becomes a reason for someone's change in mindset towards positivity. He has been writing inspiring blog posts that also, in some way, guide people on the path to fulfillment and joy. His strong beliefs and his thoughts all reflect in his writing beautifully, encapsulating all his life's experiences. This has made him two times the best-selling author.

Besides his love for writing and music, Hendricks loves to explore new places as this gives him the opportunity to meet new people, engage in interactions, understand different personalities, and motivate and guide them through positivity, being a travel influencer as well.

Hendricks has made it his mission to inspire, motivate, and uplift others and through various fields of travel, music, and writing, heal people and bring back the joy in their life.