Is Charlie Puth hinting at possible collab with BTS?

Fans are expecting a collaboration between 'We don't talk anymore' singer Charlie Puth and K-pop sensation BTS.

Charlie Puth(left), BTS(right)
Charlie Puth(left), BTS(right) Instagram

The friendship between the 'We don't talk anymore' singer Charlie Puth and K-pop sensation BTS is just blooming day by day. The former tweeted asking BTS to check their direct message on Twitter and this has caused a huge frenzy on the social media site.

Fans are speculating that these two global icons will work on a collaboration soon and are extremely excited about it.

The bond between these two started after Jungkook did a cover of Charlie's song 'We don't talk anymore' which was a collab with pop icon Selena Gomez.

The cover attained lots of attention; since then the stars have been very friendly with one another and have been keeping the bond strong.

"I really like BTS's music," the singer posted. The k-pop boy band then replied by writing, "We really like Charlie Puth's music". after a couple of hours.

Charlie Puth had earlier pronounced Jungkook's name wrong but had apologised immediately saying,"I like BTS. I like Jungkook too,".

"I just like them. I think they're a fantastic band. I want to meet them in person one day and apologize to Jungkook for mispronouncing his name," added Charlie.

Now after Charlie's tweet, fans are explicitly thrilled and are expecting the stars to come up with a 'mind blowing' music project very soon.

Check out fans' reactions on Twitter:

The Korean boy group recently released a remix of their track 'Mic Drop' with Steve Aoki and Desiigner which was a total hit and even topped the Billboard song list.

The group has also worked with The Chainsmokers and Wale.

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