Charlene Izere Turned Hurdles and Setbacks into 3 Thriving Business Ventures to Support Black Women on their Entrepreneurial Journey

Charlene Izere's journey started out as a virtual assistant, however now she is the proud owner of three unique business ventures.

Charlene Izere

The path to glory and success is not as easy as it seems from a distance, and people often fight all odds to reach their goals. There are many examples of those who have struggled along climbing the ladder of success, and although Charlene Izere is a fine example of it, her mission is to now help those in a way that means they don't have to endure the same struggles she once faced

Charlene faced a lot of hurdles throughout her life, but fought against all difficulties and emerged a winner. Her early years were full of hardships and misery. She was raised in Rwanda, and later her family moved to the US to start life afresh. This was difficult for Charlene as she found she lacked support, especially financial support. The experiences Charlene went through made her learn certain values and virtues which made her stronger to face the world. The struggles and the grind had a positive impact on her, which led her to the success she is at today.

After graduating from university at age 22, Charlene started working in Boston. She found that living there was not easy on the pockets, with high living costs to sustain herself in such an expensive city. She went through a range of jobs just to keep herself afloat. Not satisfied with where life was taking her, she decided to pull the strings and raced ahead with fast pace to chase her dreams. Being a black woman, Charlene faced a lot of challenges but did not stop herself from believing in herself and kept working towards her goals. She was well aware of the struggles and financial setbacks that majority of black women face if they were to ever dream of becoming entrepreneurs just as she did.

Charlene is now considered a top black female creator and has earned massive success through all her ventures. She is the proud owner of three unique business ventures - Melanin and Money, a hub for black entrepreneurially minded women, Soulful Systems, an online business management agency that is aimed towards demolishing the racial divide, and Wellness Delivered, which serves as a self-care and community organisation.

Her ongoing aim is to help black women by providing them the right tools, resources and support so that they can thrive instead of simply survive. Through her passion, determination and noble mission, Charlene has made every effort possible to help black women by providing them with various opportunities that lead to many new doors