Changsub says BTOB will remain strong even when they grow old

Singer hopes people eventually recognise him more as a musical actor than an idol.

BTOB Changsub
BTOB's Changsub.

South Korean singer Lee Chang-sub, also known as Changsub, the youngest member and lead vocalist of boy group BTOB, says he thinks the k-pop group will continue for a long time.

As noted by website Soompi, Changsub appeared for a press interview for his ongoing musical 'Napoleon,' on August 11. He plays Napoleon Bonaparte's younger brother Lucien.

Five years have passed since BTOB debuted on March 21, 2012. On whether he had any concerns about the group, he said, "As a member of BTOB, I've never thought of the end. All seven of us think the same. We will continue as BTOB even if we grow old."

Needless to say, Changsub is quite confident of BTOB's future as a musical group. However, he has some concerns due to being the youngest member of the popular boy band who has a lot to grow as a singer. "Since I'm beginning as a musical actor, I tend to tense up. I'm trying my best to do well as the youngest [of the cast]," he said.

Changsub also revealed how he wants people to perceive him as his career develops. He does not want to be known as an idol. "I want to keep on showing progress as a musical actor. I'm only on my second production now, and I imagine how I'll be doing on my tenth musical. By that time, I hope some people recognize me as a musical actor first, rather than an idol," Changsub said.

When he is not out performing as a member of BTOB, he said he's like a regular friendly guy in the neighbourhood. He also added, "I'm like a big brother. As a singer and 6-year idol, I'm considered ancient to rookie idols. [BTOB's] charm is in being well-versed in the music industry."

On the issue of being charming, Changsub said even though everyone in BTOB is handsome, "Kang Daniel is especially charming" and added that he thinks, "Idols these days are really young, but you can sense their burning passion."

Kang Daniel, noted Allkpop, was also featured in the cover of an upcoming issue of current events magazine 'Weekly Chosun,' which is known for focussing on political and social issues across the world. It also dedicated a column trying to analyse why women in their 30s-40s tend to fall in love with him a lot.

As for Changsub, he can be seen in the musical 'Napoleon' which is currently playing at the Charlotte Theater in Seoul till October 22 this year.

This article was first published on August 12, 2017
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