Changing the Future of Aesthetic Procedures

Dr. Khaled

Cosmetics procedures, once contemplated as inherently invasive and complicated, are going through a notable transformation. Aesthetics remains to be an important aspect of daily life but with the improvements that the medical landscape has undergone, non-invasive procedures have started to be the preferred cosmetic treatment.

Recently, we sit down with one of the leading names in aesthetic medicine and premium cosmetic procedures in Israel, Dr. Khaled Darawsha. Some of you may be familiar with Dr. Khaled from his practice with the famous Theta Clinic in Israel, which he founded and has been running successfully for some time now. An interesting man to talk to since he has founded his business on some remarkably interesting principles.

For one thing, Theta Clinic's vision is centered around the idea that everyone has beauty. Sometimes, you just need someone to help bring that out. That'swhere Dr. Khaled works on, enhancing not just the physical look, but the satisfaction of his patients.

"I envision something more than just a well-done procedure. It is about respect for my patients' beauty; I look for the best version of themselves while maintaining their identity."

The main issue with cosmetic interventions is their invasive nature and their potential for complications, which has got many running for the hills. But not if you ask Dr. Khaled since he understood that early on, he has set about devising a way to bring out people's beauty, in a low-risk and less bothersome manner.

"I believe in this field and with the help of medical devices I think it can end the era of cutting skin, and that will help everybody look their best for a long time."

In itself, it allows people to look and feel their best without forcing them to go under the knife. Far too often, more traditional cosmetic procedures can easily go wrong, resulting in disappointing, if not disastrous consequences.

Not with Dr. Khaled, though. He believes it is possible to obtain his clients' goals while doing minimal damage to their bodies and at Theta Clinic, he employs fully non-invasive procedures for revitalizing the appearance of his patients. Among the techniques used by Dr. Khaled at the Theta Clinic is the Micro Droplets technique, which is basically a lip enhancement procedure, meant to bring out your lips' natural fullness and appeal. Another interesting procedure patients can undergo at Theta is Cupid's BowDefining, which subtly accentuates the bow at the top of the lips and is believed to make one more appealing.

Among other procedures, Dr. Khaled is also known for his facial sculpting using the golden radio and collagen booster techniques. Indeed, collagen banking is gaining rapid interest and not only in the advanced aged population.

"Young people are starting to be more conscious about the benefits of investing in it at an early age to maintain a long-term appealing skincare. With a non-invasive cosmetic procedure, the skin tightens and lifts naturally without the need to turn to more aggressive options."

All in all, we believe that these types of non-invasive procedures are definitely set to revolutionize the way we, as a society, think about cosmetic procedures and beauty in general. And leading that revolution is going to be Dr. Khaled and other visionaries like him.

Attaining the desired look is by no means easy, and yet with procedures such as the ones offered by Theta Clinic in Israel, it just got a little bit easier. Dr. Khaled set out to make beautification a little easier, and he is succeeding, one patient at a time.