Change Your Mindset and Get Better Results: Key Elements for Success According to Young Joseph Samuel Song

Joseph Samuel Song

Successful entrepreneurship depends on many elements, both internal and external. However, the first ones have more weight within the process of carrying out a business. Mainly the mentality, habits, and motivation, are three of the most determining factors at the time of starting your business journey. The 19-year-old entrepreneur Joseph Samuel Song knows them well.

Song comes from an Asian home, the demands, guidelines, and customs were rigorous. His parents dreamed of seeing their son become a college graduate and practice a traditional profession. However, Joseph was convinced that a college education or even an 8-hour job was not what he wanted in life. He decided to show his parents with results that he could achieve if he worked at building his purpose.

Faith in Himself

Joseph Samuel was not only focused on his goal but also confident in his abilities and ability to carry out his dreams. His biggest challenge was not achieving success but proving to himself what he could achieve.

Based on this, he worked tirelessly. His path began with preparation. He knew that knowledge was key to achieving his goals and he prepared in different ways. He hired mentors, studied every aspect, analyzed strategies, and made good progress.


Determination has been another aspect that has characterized Joseph Song's professional and personal career. Being sure of what he wanted and focused on working to do it allowed him to maintain enough motivation to advance his goals.

This element undoubtedly put Joseph on the path to success. Had he not been determined to continue, he might have given up in the face of his parents' refusal. On the contrary, it was this that allowed him to move forward and demonstrate to himself and them what he could achieve with his skills and his work. This is only the beginning of his journey.

Don't Limit Yourself by Fear

Fear is another barrier that an entrepreneur must face. For Joseph, fear is a limitation to show the best version of you. That's why he assures us that we should not stop before him.

Fear will only prevent you from achieving what you want, what you set out to do, and what you can achieve. While it is inevitable to feel fear at some point, not letting this feeling be what drives or controls your actions is what will define how far you will go.

Dealing with Obstacles

Obstacles are, without a doubt, an unavoidable element in the path of an entrepreneur. However, it is precisely the way he faces them that makes the difference between success and failure.

Learning from obstacles, from mistakes, and even from negative experiences, is a way to grow and allow new ideas. Sometimes the bad times are where the best beginnings are found.