Change Recruitment is the Digital Recruitment Agency Harnessing the Human in Technology

Change Recruitment

Technology is at the heart of the business, and IT workers have never been more important than at this very moment in time. Businesses are adapting to the digital landscape, and teams are interfacing from around the world. A new generation of highly skilled talent is rising up alongside a new wave of digital businesses, but how can you effectively connect the two with maximum compatibility? Traditional employment methods are mostly automated and sterile CVs that aren't able to emphasize a person's niche skillset get buried in the system, even when they might be a perfect fit for a company.

Enter Change Recruitment. Founded by tech-driven entrepreneurs Mike Carter and Mike Hollowbread who share a deep knowledge of the recruitment industry, from trainee to directorship of one of the largest IT recruitment teams in Australia, to now deploying the innovative digital recruitment service that connects highly specialized IT workers to businesses that have a need for niche roles in the tech field. "Change recruit wasn't born out of necessity, but rather a burning desire to become a catalyst for change worldwide." explained Mike, "They are synonymous with innovation, unrivaled candidate experience, and a never-ending pursuit of customer excellence."

Taking a "mile-deep" approach to recruiting, Change Recruitment focuses on harnessing the human element of the technology field to connect the perfect candidates with their dream clients, utilizing Change's vast market knowledge about movements and projects in the tech space, market rates, and their network of companies to provide valuable insight for clients and candidates alike who are looking to either get a jump on their competitors or find a role that values a candidate's unique skill set.

Dedicated to operating on the cutting-edge in recruitment, Change Recruitment are focused on engaging with incredibly specialized talent pools. Their consultants understand the nuance between interchangeable technical stacks, but also have a deep appreciation for what makes their candidates and clients tick.

While much of the recruitment space moves towards automation and AI to primarily link candidates and clients easily, Change believes in being data driven, automation led, but human at heart. "The human element for us is irreplaceable because candidates and clients by their very nature are almost impossible to confine to specific data sets," noted Mike. "We embrace technology and invest in every tool; from lead generation to marketing or automation so that our consultants have the best resources available to them, but we hold onto the human element in recruiting to ensure that our consultants identify, attract and source candidates that typically go undetected."

Change Recruitment has exploded onto the scene, winning multiple awards in 2021 and cementing themselves as experts in building and scaling teams in the tech space. Their commitment to connecting the highest quality talent with compatible clients has disrupted the IT recruitment sector with no plans of slowing down in 2022.

If you're a highly specialized tech worker or a business who requires a niche tech skill set, connect with Change Recruitment through their website or LinkedIn page to find out more about working with a team dedicated to meeting your values.