Chang-Hun Chung, a fitness enthusiast's journey of launching Physiques Unlimited

Chang-Hun Chung

Everyone today is aware of the perks of having a toned, muscular and perfect body. In the 21st century, where appearances and physique are the top priority for everyone, an industry, primarily focusing on bodybuilding and physical health, exists. While this huge industry works as a mechanism to achieve a desired form for some, it also garners many opportunities for people who identify themselves as fitness enthusiasts. One such person, who found passion and a career in bodybuilding is Chang-Hun Chung.

Chang-Hun Chung is a South Korean- german, bodybuilder currently based in Germany. Born in Germany in 1990, his parents moved back to South Korea after 2 years of his birth. But to pursue higher education, he moved to Germany. His love for fitness and bodybuilding started growing. He was drawn to the field and slowly started rising above. When his friends came up to him, to ask about his fitness routine and diet plans, he assisted them to achieve their desired result. By then he already worked as a fitness trainer in a fitness studio, where he acquired a lot of knowledge and experience, only to realize his potential as a personal trainer.

Chang-Hun Chung started his business- Physiques Unlimited, which offers numerous personal training packages. Physiques Unlimited has customers around the globe. Chang-Hun Chung provides personalized training to all, and beneficial nutritional advice to suit one's requirements. Personal training enables the customer to acquire services in better form, at a personal level, which allows formulating strategies that would work best for them.

Over the years after achieving his goals, he participated in numerous competitions and won many. His performance has been praised in every competition. It's needless to say that, Chang-Hun Chung has earned a rightful place for himself globally in the fitness industry. His rigid beliefs have brought him this far. According to him, his job is not hard, and he does not need to force himself to do something, rather it's an enjoyable and fun journey.

Today Chang-Hun Chung has created a commendable legacy He is driven by his passion and love for fitness rather than any mentor. He believes that self-motivation is the key to achieve anything in life. Enjoying the journey is important.