"Chances" by Moy Baun is a must-hear Song

Moy Baun

The New York native started out his music career as a DJ but decided to take his journey one step further by becoming an artist. Once he released his first few projects, he began to receive immense love and feedback, and it's been growing ever since. Moy Baun isn't necessarily a traditional rapper, but that's exactly what sets him apart. His ability to combine a smooth reggae vibe along with the catchy hip hop beat is what's driving him to the top.

In his latest single, " Chances", Moy Baun describes the difficulties he faced growing up as a kid in Queens, New York. Life wasn't always easy there. He knew that in order to create the life he wanted, he would have to take risks. Taking risks isn't always easy, but sometimes you have to believe in yourself and take the leap of faith. Moy Baun's success today is evidence that it can pay off if you work hard and stay focused, and that's exactly what he describes in the song.

Go and give it a listen! Check out his latest content and keep up with Moy Baun on Instagram @moybaun.