Chance Comanche: Ex-NBA G League Player Plotted Murder with Sakari Harnden During Game and Then Strangulated Marayna Rodgers to Death

In a text message exchange obtained by the police, Comanche reportedly shared a coffin emoji with Harnden, his 19-year-old alleged accomplice and ex-girlfriend.

Former NBA G League basketball player Chance Comanche allegedly planned a murder during a game, pretended to be a customer seeking sex work to attract a woman to her death, and reportedly provided a complete confession to the police, according to an arrest report obtained by Las Vegas station KLAS.

Comanche, 27, a former NBA G League player who was associated with a Sacramento Kings affiliate, was arrested on December 15 in California after a basketball practice. His ex-girlfriend, Sakari Harnden, whom he said he met on a dating app a year ago, was arrested two days prior. She is being held at the Clark County Detention Center in Nevada.

Cold-Blooded Murder

Chance Comanche
Chance Comanche X

Comanche and Harnden are accused of murdering and kidnapping 23-year-old Marayna Rodgers, who went missing on December 6. The authorities later found her strangled remains in Henderson, Nevada.

In a text message exchange obtained by the police, Comanche reportedly shared a coffin emoji with Harnden, his 19-year-old alleged accomplice and ex-girlfriend.

Sakari Harnden
Sakari Harnden X

"I can snap her neck or just strangle the [expletive]," Comanche allegedly wrote in a group chat obtained by police.

Comanche was arrested in California on Thursday and subsequently released by the Sacramento Kings' G League affiliate in Stockton.

The former 6-foot-10 University of Arizona center is currently being held at the Sacramento County Main Jail, awaiting extradition to Las Vegas.

Both Comanche and Harnden face murder and kidnapping charges in Las Vegas. Harnden was arrested on Wednesday in Las Vegas.

According to KLAS, Comanche told investigators that he was acting under Harnden's instructions when he enticed Rodgers to her death and later killed her by strangulation.

Marayna Rodgers
Marayna Rodgers X

Police said that Harnden and Rodgers were friends in Washington state, where Rodgers worked as a medical assistant.

However, Harnden allegedly became upset with Rodgers because the 23-year-old had reportedly told others that the 19-year-old Harnden had implicated her own boyfriend in a double murder in California.

The Murder Plan

According to the police report, Rodgers and her boyfriend, identified as Tremaine, traveled from Washington to Las Vegas on December 1 with the intention of "engaging in prostitution." Upon learning of their trip, Harnden allegedly conspired with Comanche to lure Rodgers away from Tremaine and her other friends in Las Vegas with the intent to kill her.

Chance Comanche
Chance Comanche X

Using the guise of a prostitution client or 'trick,' Comanche reportedly called Rodgers to a meeting place, where he, with help from Harnden, allegedly strangled her with an HDMI cord.

The pair is accused of disposing of Rodgers' body in Henderson, where it was later discovered.

As of the latest available information, the cause of Marayna Rodgers' death has not been officially confirmed. Investigations and further forensic analysis may be ongoing to determine the exact cause of her death.

Messages exchanged between Comanche and Harnden on the Telegram application reportedly reveal the former professional basketball player instructing his teenage accomplice on how to communicate with the police regarding Rodgers' disappearance.

Marayna Rodgers
Marayna Rodgers X

Harnden had reported Rodgers missing on December 6, while Rodgers' friends filed a missing persons report on December 7.

"You got this boo," Comanche allegedly wrote to Harnden. "This the post game [sic] interview. Just smile and wave."

Comanche played in just one NBA game for the Portland Trail Blazers and had recently joined the Sacramento Kings' G League affiliate before the arrest and subsequent release.