Chairman Biden: Prez Was 'Figurehead' to Hunter Biden's Overseas Business Dealings, First Son Committed Fraud: Tony Bobulinski

A former business associate of Hunter Biden, Tony Bobulinski, has alleged that Joe Biden served as the 'chairman and a figurehead' to his son's overseas business dealings. During an exclusive interview on Tucker Carlson Tonight, the former CEO of SinoHawk Holdings said he met President Biden multiple times prior to the 2020 election to discuss Hunter's business ventures.

Bobulinski highlighted that Joe Biden was acting in hundreds of points. "In a capitalistic term, I would say the chairman," he said. He told Tucker Carlson that the chairman of JPMorgan doesn't take eight meetings down with people. "The chairman serves a purpose right? He's a figurehead. He shows up in meetings, shakes hands, advises, you know, has faith in his team. Effectively, that was Joe Biden's role in the Biden family business ventures and around the world, and not just my venture."

Joe Biden

Bobulinski claims Joe Biden has been playing that role dating back decades. He has a leaked 2018 voicemail to support his claims, in which Joe Biden told Hunter "I think you're clear". This was following a New York Times report about Hunter's work with a Chinese corporation. The former business associate emphasized in the interview that Joe Biden was adamant to the American people that he had no knowledge of his family's business deals. "How, if he had zero knowledge of that, could he be telling his son that he's in the clear on an article?"

Hunter Biden Diverted Millions of Funds

Moreover, Bobulinski accused Hunter Biden of fraud against his business partners. He alleged that Hunter tampered with key documents to funnel over $5 million into a company he owned. The 52-year-old is alleged to have diverted over $5 million from Bobulinski's company SinoHawk Holdings, to another company in which Hunter had a larger stake in.

The former business partner explained that document is exactly the same document as SinoHawk Holdings, LLC. "And it appears that Hunter Biden, Jim Biden and the Biden family literally copied the same document down to typos. They removed Oneida Holdings, which was the Delaware LLC that represented Jim Biden, Hunter Biden, myself, Rob Walker and James Gilliar. Hunter and his lawyer, Jorge Misires, replaced it with Owasco – which was Hunter Biden's law firm or business that he operated," he alleged. Hunter is said to have swapped out the entity that he owned 20% of to a business that he owned 100% of, which is fraud.

Tony Bobulinski
Tony Bobulinski in a recent interview alleged Hunter Biden of fraud. Twitter

To this, Carlson said Bobulinski had enough to spur a criminal investigation by the FBI into Hunter's business dealings. It should be noted that Hunter already has a fair share of federal investigations over his business dealings and finances.

Bobulinski insisted that the Biden family has aggressively leveraged its "famous" name to make millions from foreign entities. He said he wouldn't have gone public with his story had the House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff's comments saying his claims were part of a "Russian disinformation" campaign been retraced. He chose to speak out because he feels the FBI didn't properly handle his claims. Bobulinski also challenged mainstream media outlets to take his claims "seriously".