CES 2019 Best Laptops: Samsung Notebook 9 Pen, HP Omen 15 And More


As CES 2019 wraps up, many companies have unveiled new laptop models that'll be released this year. More than flexing strong performance setups for gaming or leaning on lightweight and aesthetic laptops, some odd laptop designs were also seen in the event. Here are some of CES 2019's best laptops.

1. Samsung Notebook 9 Pen

Samsung was the only company to release a laptop that focuses more on artists rather than gamers or on-the-go professionals. The Samsung Notebook 9 Pen has the S Pen Stylus, which is great for aspiring artists and students since it doubles as a portable laptop and a drawing tablet. The new laptop is also strong for its small 2.2-pound size as it has Intel Core i7 chipset, 512GB SSD for fast computer processing, 16GB of DDR4 RAM and a 13.3in 1080p monitor. As seen on the official Samsung online store, this laptop costs $1,399.99 and will be shipped this coming Jan. 15.

2. HP Omen 15

In CES 2019, HP unveiled their Omen 15 laptop, which is the first to have a 240Hz display. Aside from its screen, the new HP Omen 15 has 15.6-inch, 1080p 240Hz panel that comes with G-SYNC, 802.11ax wireless, an NVIDIA RTX 2070 Max-Q Graphics and an Intel i7-8750H processor. Pairing the strong screen with its strong performance specs, gamers will have a portable gaming setup that rivals most high-end CPU setups. As seen on the official HP site, the new HP Omen 15's price starts at around $849.99.

3. ASUS ROG Mothership GZ700

Even though ASUS was not a major exhibitor in CES 2019, it still managed to steal the show with this odd laptop. The ASUS ROG Mothership GZ700 was different from most laptops its monitor and keyboard could be separated. The display has a back stand on its own which gives it an unusual way to be portable compared to other gaming laptops.

As a gaming laptop, it's decked out with an overclocked Intel Core i9-8950 CPU up to 4.78 GHz, a 1080p 144Hz display that has G-SYNC support and three 512GB NVMe SSDs. It can also hold up to 64GB of RAM. As seen on its official page in the ASUS site, the price and exact release date for this laptop is yet to be announced.

This article was first published in IBTimes US. Permission required for reproduction.