Certified coach Sami Osman to initiate a fitness drive for elderly people

Sami Osman

The world of health and fitness is expanding with every passing second. And why not? People from all age groups are now perceiving the primacy of fitness from a serious viewpoint. Seeing this, certified fitness trainer Sami Osman has talked about starting a fitness drive. Yes, you read it right!

Recently, in a conversation with this enthused fitness head, we unveiled his multiple goals that are aiming to bring a change in the world of health, and the aforementioned is one of them. With all the excitement, Sami Osman said that he would soon come up with a fitness camp for senior citizens where he and his team would train them and teach them the tricks to stay fit.

Sharing a clear picture of this fitness camp for oldies, we remember Sami Osman mentioning some basic daily workout exercises. He said, "Many of these people might be involved in physical training after a long time, hence we shall keep it modest yet impactful." Sami Osman also spoke of writing diet plans for a few people. This way, he will make them comprehend the importance of staying fit.

Why did Sami Osman choose to do a camp for senior citizens only? Don't you want to know? He explained, "We have all seen people who have become weak and feeble because of the wrong lifestyle that they have chosen. They hardly eat right, which is not meant for their body type. And then they walk around in the park or move around the house doing tasks. But that is not enough! This weak, lethargic, and depressed nature needs a change."

We are extremely delighted that Sami Osman is coming up with something so amazing and constructive. We wish him luck with his future plans. Sami is a certified trainer and has always used his proficiency to steer the way for others. He has come a long way in the fitness industry. Considering social media as a boon, he uses the platform to educate new-age minds as well.