Celebrity trainer Omkar Shewale raises the curtain from the myths people have about fitness

Omkar Shewale

Internet is home to anything and everything. Whatever you want to know is available over the web. But during this process, people usually tend to not filter between what's true and what's false. These create misconceptions about certain things, and fitness is one such topic that has had many myths created by people. Shedding light on the misconceptions about fitness, Omkar Shewale shares his take on the most common fitness myths he has heard in the last few years. He is a celebrity fitness trainer and a nutritionist having trained well-known singer Darshan Raval. Omkar belongs from Satara, Karad, and has always been a fitness enthusiast.

Often in his career, he has seen people working out but with the wrong form and technique. He believes that the internet has shaped people's mind in such a way that they forget the scientific reason behind workouts. The most common misconception Shewale has heard is that the best time to workout is in the morning. "I think the best time to workout is based on your preference. The main motive is to make physical fitness a part of your daily routine, irrespective of what time you workout", says Omkar. Secondly, Omkar on various occasions has been asked if fat can turn into muscle.

Speaking about the same, he reveals that fat cannot be turned into muscle. He further said, "If you look at it from a scientific perspective, they are different tissues. Adipose (fatty) tissue is found under the skin sandwiched between muscles and the internal organs of the body. Workout and weight training help the muscle around the fat to build up. To reduce the fat tissue, a proper diet can do wonders." Furthermore, to shed some kilos or pounds, many people believe that exercise is the key. There's no doubt that exercise helps in transforming the physique.

But the thing to understand is that only exercise won't help in reducing weight. "Slimming down begins when you change your eating habits. In terms of weight loss, the diet has an upper hand over exercises. It's pretty simple. The food you consume reflects in your body", suggests Omkar. In simple words, diet and weight training go hand in hand. When we say weight training, a common notion people have is that it is only for men. Sharing his views, Omkar reveals that weight training is done to strengthen muscles, and it has nothing to do with gender. "Women produce less testosterone than that of men, and all it depends on is the hormonal changes in a human body", added Omkar.

Lastly, after an intense workout, people rely on having sports drinks to rehydrate themselves. Sports drinks are good to get energized, but one must not forget that even sports drinks are all sugar and liquid. Omkar suggests that instead of sports drinks, one can consume protein shakes or protein bars, as protein can help the muscle to repair after the workout. To sum it up, Shewale believes that one must not trust the internet blindly, instead take help or guidance from a fitness expert before taking any step about health and fitness.