Celebrity PR Agent Jeetujayson Raju Helps Athletes To Become Better Cultural Influencers

Jeetujayson Raju

Jeetujayson Raju is working with former international Rugby player turned actor and entrepreneur Keith Mason. Their campaign tries to influence the audience using Keith's life story. Which up until now hasn't been the center of his brand.

There is always a great story hidden in the lives of successful people. But most stories are never told and out of the few that are told most don't reach the masses. Now that's not because the story is bad but because very little effort has been put into making it public says Jeetujayson.

When someone comes into the limelight it's usually due to their success. The build-up and the backstage story isn't usually focused on in the media. Unless you are really popular with fans in the millions, this part doesn't get much coverage. Most successful athletes are known for their achievements. Stories of what they did are well known and documented in the media but stories of how they were able to do it are less heard of. "How do so many successful athletes become who they are? I think this is an interesting angle that is worthy of coverage just as much as their achievements are if not more."

Moreover, the audience needs to focus on the process rather than the end result. Reading too many success stories about your favorite celebrity creates a false perception. We involuntarily seek the same rewards that our favorite athletes are enjoying today but don't want any of the struggles they have been through. "Exactly whose life is fine like a wine? I personally don't like it when I hear about someone's achievements but nothing about how they did it. It's like a movie with just the climax and nothing else. Maybe I am different or maybe not. I believe people want to know the entire truth and not just the ending of a story."

Jeetujayson Raju has worked with other athletes from NFL and international Rugby. He has also worked with celebrity actors to bring their stories to light. His PR campaigns have focused on how people become who they are and giving the audience something realistic to aspire to. "Instead of making people want to emulate the success of my clients. I want them to emulate the struggles of my clients. And be focused on the process as opposed to the end goal. To be engaged in your craft is an order of magnitude more satisfying than any reward that you might get at the finish line."

He wants to show how successful athletes actually enjoy the work they do more than the rewards they kind of enjoy. Nobody serious in any profession actually does it for the money. It's always fun to explore your potential. The rewards are just validation that what you have explored is worth something to others says Jeetujayson Raju.