Celebrity NFT Platform Galaxis Announces Public Launch at SmartCon 2023

Levente Szilagyi, CTO of Galaxis at SmartCon 2023, showcasing Galaxis Platform StickerBook

Galaxis announced the public launch of its decentralized community platform, that provides toolkits to design and create dynamic utility-driven NFTs and manage communities in a token environment, in partnership with Chainlink at the SmartCon conference in Barcelona.

The beta version of the Galaxis platform was initially unveiled in November 2022. Since then, the platform allows anyone to fund or monetise their project, service or community, with the power of non-fungible tokens. Leveraging the utility driven NFTs, companies or entities can create value towards their communities, providing them with NFTs that are more than just JPEGs, offering real time value and monetisation opportunities.

The highly decentralised NFT platform focuses on utility for creators as well as communities, with lots of 'utility traits' that can be provided to communities through NFTs, such as meet-and-greet, membership cards, and more.

In the coming weeks, Galaxis will announce a lot more utility traits - enabling further customisations for creators.

Andras Kristof, CEO of Galaxis was joined by Todd Barr, CMO of Chainlink to share some insight on technology and mass adoption. Kristof quoted "The tipping point for mass adoption is when the technology becomes boring", implying the norm and acceptance, standardization of blockchain and web3 technology for 'normal' businesses and entities.

Kristof claims that Galaxis is a "post-hype NFT utility platform" referring to the fact that with Galaxis one can create long-standing, sustainable communities, which makes the platform useful for any business or community, bringing the benefits of web3 to the 'normal' world.

Via the platform, the real benefits of web3 - privacy and real digital ownership - could benefit large platforms and events like Netflix and Tomorrowland to turn their customers into an actual community.

"Over the last two years, we've seen amazing communities such as The Association NFTs by NBA, Mike Tyson or Val Kilmer's project that were made possible because of Galaxis. With the public launch, we're excited to allow absolutely anyone with a community, or without, to be able to create utility-driven NFTs' stated Kristof.

Andras's presentation at SmartCon 2023 highlighted that "Anyone with a community or following could create their own digital membership cards, and provide value to their community."

Galaxis's groundbreaking platform empowers creators to design and deploy utility-driven NFT collections, revolutionising the way artists, athletes, content creators, filmmakers, and open-source projects engage with their fans and build vibrant communities.