Celebrate Raksha Bandhan this year with these essential and thoughtful gifts by Bryan & Candy

Bryan & Candy

You may have the best of friends, but there can never be a bond that is greater than the one shared by a brother and sister. They may fight, hit each other, and even lock them up in a storeroom, but when the time comes, the only person you really need is your sibling. They are your biggest support and loudest cheerleader.

This year, the special festival of Raksha Bandhan falls on August 22 and that means you have almost a month to prepare for buying a beautiful gift to pamper your sister. When we sit down to think of essential gifts, skin care products top our minds, and what better than surprising your sister with products from Bryan & Candy's special gift range.

- It is a known fact that strawberries reduce inflammation and improve skin complexion. Apart from being rich in antioxidants and minerals, strawberries hydrate your skin and nourish it. You can opt for the Bryan & Candy New York Strawberry Combo Kit which is the only thing you need to spoil your sibling silly.

- If you are looking for something a little fancier than skincare, then we suggest that you opt for fragrance body mists. The bath and body care brand has two different combo gift sets including the Bryan & Candy Fragrance Mist Spray Fab Five Combo Gift Set for women and Bryan & Candy Body Fragrance Mist Spray Trio Combo Gift Set for women. With divergent fragrance choices, it is undeniably one of the perfect gift sets to gift her this Raksha Bandhan.

- Another great gift idea is the Cocoa & Shea - Bath Tub Spa Kit for a complete Home Spa Experience. Apart from its benefits, the bathtub packaging makes for a great gift and looks beautiful. Moreover, the cocoa and shea combination for the skin has proven to be one of the best. They are anti-inflammatory, and their healing properties are all that your skin needs.

If you are a sister looking to surprise your brother with a sweet gift, then these options are for you:

- Try out the Bryan & Candy New York Impresso Men Combo Kit Intense Brightening. Men have also begun paying attention to their skin, and what better than gifting an entire kit that will give them the much-needed TLC.

- It's certain that brothers don't use sunscreen and obviously get tanned in the process. Here's a De-Tan combo kit that has scrubs and moisturisers that penetrates deep into your skin and repairs the cells.

- Bryan & Candy New York Men's Kit Lemon and Thyme is one of the best gifts you can think of. The shower gel, face wash, and aftershave cream takes care of the skin, softens it, and ensures that the combination of lemon and thyme keeps your skin hydrated and supple.

You have a month for the celebrations, and we suggest that you choose a gift from this range before they sell out.