Cecilia Liu threatens to sue Taiwanese clinic over use of wedding photos [PHOTO]

The clinic offering aesthetic services used an apparently defamatory caption as well.

The agency representing Chinese actress Cecilia Liu has threatened to drag a Taiwanese aesthetic clinic to court for the unauthorized use of the actress's wedding portrait.

The clinic has reportedly used a wedding picture of Cecilia and her husband, actor Nicky Wu, to promote their cosmetic procedures.

As per the reports on Toggle, the aesthetic clinic posted the couple's photograph on their social media website and unethically captioned it.

The post on the clinic's official Facebook page read: "Even with chubby cheeks and a full chin, I can still marry (Nicky)!"

Meanwhile, in response to the legal warning, the clinic's representatives released a statement in their defense. The official note affirmed that the clinic has deleted the picture in question, and said the caption did not mean to defame the actress.

"The photo of Cecilia Liu was pulled from Weibo, and we've consulted lawyers, who have assured us there is no infringement of the celebrity's image rights in this case," the clinic stated.

Furthermore, the representatives added: "But if Cecilia Liu is not agreeable to our use of the image, we could settle it in private. We've taken down the Facebook post in question, and we never intended to imply Cecilia Liu has undergone cosmetic procedures."