CBiBank launches new products and services in Brazil and other South American countries to promote business expansion

CBI Bank

CBiBank, an emerging commercial bank in the United States, recently announced the expansion of its banking products in several South American countries including Brazil. On the basis of its existing services, services, including remittance have been upgraded, in order to provide customers with a better experience in cross-border receipt and payment.

According to CBiBank, CBiBank's global business expansion is progressing rapidly and steadily. While developing within the international trade market, CBiBank will pay special attention to the safety and convenience of customer service and product systems. In the future, product updates and service upgrades will continue to benefit other countries and regions where CBiBank does business.

CBiBank's rise over the past few years is unquestionably attributed to its financial technology innovation capabilities and service capabilities, delivered beyond the industry average. This commitment demonstrates the importance the bank has attached to its products and services. In a recently released report, consulting firm Simon-Kucher stated that in the past decade, emerging banks have become a hot topic in the field of financial technology. Since 2017, an average of 68 emerging banks have been established each year, and the entire industry's valuation will have reached about 300 billion US dollars in 2021. At a time when traditional banks are striving for digital transformation, emerging banks have been blessed with digital integration at their inception, and have become an important supplement to traditional banks, opening up a number of professional paths in financial services.

Specializing in technology, CBiBank focuses on the practice of inclusive finance in the fiercely competitive field of emerging banks around the world, building an inclusive financial service system based on the maxim of "technology + service." The bank serves global trading companies as well as individuals, and has become a dark horse player in the industry. The full range of online processing services are offered by CBiBank globally, and accounts can be opened as early as within seven days. For cross-border payment and settlement services, CBiBank has successively launched public-private transfers, corporate wealth management, and salary distribution, among other functions to help trading companies meet the financial service needs of different scenarios.

According to public information, CBiBank is an emerging commercial bank in the United States, focusing on providing one-stop cross-border financial services for global trade companies, including the opening of offshore accounts, transfer and remittance, e-commerce collection, and corporate wealth management. CBiBank is regulated by U.S. financial regulators and is a member of the American Bankers Association (ABA), Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), UnionPay International (UNIONPAY), and Cross-border RMB Clearing (CIPS).