Catecoin Can Become the Next Shiba Inu as Crypto Evolves into CATs vs Dogs

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Facts that investors need to know about CATECOIN

Catecoin or CATE is the only cat themed meme token competing against all dog themed token. This meme token is surging very fast. The motive to launch this coin was adding real values in the meme marketplace. The platform will allow the meme and content creators to earn and will also help in creating funny nft memes.

What actually you need to know about Catecoin?

This is the first platform which created a decentralized meme token and has also created new opportunities in the content and meme framing space. Along with the core function of Catecoin it also allows to make a passive income in the community of meme.

Shiba inu and Dogecoin Investors

Shibainu and Dogecoin investor are booking profit from both coins and putting that in Catecoin, according to few traders they believe Catecoin will become another Shiba inu like coin, because Catecoin is the only CAT theme coin with use case and will grab big investor attention.

Gaining investor's attraction-

Crypto traders and also the investors are surprised after watching the surge in catecoin. Catecoin which is the rival of both dog coins (Dogecoin- DOGE and Shiuba Inu- SHIB).

The market caps have provided the statistics of CATE and it shows that the price is trading at $ 0.000005892 and there is a 24 hours trading volume as well which is $3,022,682.

Play and Earn

Catecoin is launching the Play to Earn Game, Rise of Cats where users can use Catecoin to play. You can get more information about this game by going to

Staking and Earning

Earning is also possible with the catecoin. Users holding the catecoin in a defi wallet can earn 2% on each transaction. Cate also offers 15% APY in staking which is not available on DOGE and SHIB and there are no earning options in these dog coins as well.

Buying Catecoin-

Catecoin is listed in Some popular centralized exchanges like, Hotbit and and if you are a dex lover then you can buy this from Pancakeswap.