Catchplay on-demand video streaming to soon arrive in Singapore after launch in Taiwan

Catchplay has come with a unique on-demand video streaming services in the country, with notable focus on movie lovers. Focus on unique content, movies in particular.

Taiwan's leading movie distribution and production company, Catchplay, has come with a unique on-demand video streaming service in the country, with notable focus on movie lovers.

The special on-demand feature will host the movie streaming not only from Hollywood production houses like NBC Universal, Warner Brothers, Walt Disney, but will also pay emphasis on Asian and Chinese-language films.

In a statement released by the company, Harvey Chang, Chairman - Ctachplay, stated: " Today we launch our new digital platform that extends the services we provide to movie lovers. With this new platform, we can better contribute to the health and vitality of the region's content industry."

"In recent years, Catchplay has quietly and purposefully expanded its business from theatrical distribution to film financing and production, aggregating digital content for many leading digital platforms and the operation of our own movie channel," he added.

The newly launched On-Demand service is said to be a unique wave in the country which will provide its audience with more new releases and variety of content as compared to its rival platforms.

Catchplay CEO, Daphne Yang, told Variety that the company, which is founded by movie lovers, is experienced enough in choosing content for varied platform, and knows how to distribute it.

He stated: " Catchplay has unique content, movies in particular, where we see Netflix more focused on its original TV content. We see Hollywood and Asian content as the key and the gaps in the current lineup being addressed by Catchplay."

The Catchplay On-Demand service which saw its initial launch in Taiwan, will soon be headed to Singapore and Indonesia, most likely in the second quarter of the year.