Cast of SBS Doctors giveaway warm hugs at children's hospital in Incheon

The culminating episode of doctors is scheduled for 23rd August.

The talented team of SBSs' Doctors knows the way to keep up with their promises. While pretty actress Park Shin Hye previously danced to prove her words, recently, actors Yoon Kyun Sang and Lee Sung Kyung held a free hug session to celebrate the boost in viewership graph.

As promised, the duo gave out warm embraces at children's hospital in Incheon where the team was filming. Both the actors reportedly promised a free hug event if Doctors surpasses the 20% viewership target. Seemingly, the graph of the 15th episode touched 21 % mark, thereby fulfilling the terms of the agreement. As per reports, the pair instantly made their mind and specially insisted on a surprised hug session for young children and their families.

Commenting on the noble cause from the two thoughtful actors, a representative from the show relayed: "Since the actors film a lot in hospitals, they wanted to encourage patients who were having a hard time. While the young children were happy to hug the actors, both Lee Sung Kyung and Yoon Kyun Sang shared that they received more energy after seeing the children courageously fight their illnesses."

Meanwhile, Doctors will be releasing its 18th and 19th episode on 22nd August. Both the episodes are said to go air back to back on its Monday night time slot. However, the culminating episode is scheduled for next day.