Cashless Indian youth murders courier boy who delivers his high-end phone

Wannabe gym instructor looking for flashy phone kills in cold blood.

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An Indian youth murdered a courier delivery boy who delivered the smartphone he ordered online, when he knew he didn't have the money to pay. The horrible news is reported from India, which suddenly went cashless after the government ordered the demonitization of high denomination currency notes.

However, the murderer, a young gym instructor, couldn't blame the currency scenario. The 22-yeare-old asked his father money to pay for the phone he ordered online, but was spurned. The cold blooded murder happened in India's tech hub Bangalore, after the man found he wouldn't be able to pay Rs 12,900 and take delivery of the phone.

The man asked the delivery boy to come to a parking lot where he attacked the 28-year-old man with a blunt object and then stabbed him.

It was reported that the accused, Varun Kumar, wanted that specific phone and approached his father. However, his father refused to buy him the phone and asked him to get that with his own money. Varun ordered for the phone online after one week of him joining the gym as the instructor.

When the delivery boy came, the accused hit him him with a flower vase and then clubbed him with an iron rod before stabbing him. After taking two mobile handsets and 10,000 cash from the victim, he dumped the body in a cement mixer at the cellar of the building.

The police immediately ordered a probe into the matter and the last call in the boy's phone led them to Varun who confessed to the crime after questioning. The police also recovered the mobile phones and cash from the accused, according to the Deccan Chronicle.