Carlos Valadez Rakes In Millions Through Contrarian Value Investing

Carlos Valadez

Those who think Value Investing is a dying business should meet Carlos Valadez most known as Charlie Mar, whose source is investing in stocks that no one wants to put their money on. Welcome to the world of a Contrarian Value Investor Valadez, who also shares his ideas and investments on his social media who has helped people become millionaires by taking risks that no one else would take. While Carlos himself has already earned the distinction of earning his first million at the age of 22, he is not behind in teaching others how to do this as well. A lot of trial and error as well as picking up unconventional choices in the stock market – this is Carlos' mantra to becoming rich.

Carlos has achieved a lot at a very young age, but the level of maturity that he shows in his investment decisions has made him popular among his patrons. Talking about his recent achievements, Carlos says, "I recently made $1.6 million in only 3 months with my last investment. Apart from helping 9 other people become millionaires. The best part is I am in the compounding game, so like an avalanche things will only grow exponentially from here. Speaking off, I just opened a new position with $5 million in a new company."

With the help of social media interactions, Carlos continues to share valuable advice to his followers on how to go against the herd successfully. Carlos Valadez quite frequently shares his tips on Facebook and Instagram stories, so that his followers can learn to do what he does. Keeping abreast of all the developments helps Carlos' patrons make informed decisions on their own. Carlos strongly believes the best approach to earning the moolah is the unconventional way of value investing. His biggest influence? Billionaire Warren Buffett.

In his own words, "Over time, with all my stories and posts people simply noticed my investments doing very well. I am known for going against the grain and turning out to be right. That is where I've been gaining momentum slowly and building a name for myself.

However, his journey hasn't been free of obstacles and he has had to go through lots of tribulations in order to reach this position. But as they say, reaching the top isn't as difficult as staying on the top. The hardest part for Carlos has been to convey his policy of buying stocks that no one wants. You see Carlos Valadez follows the classic Buffett ways of investing. And His mission is to help change other people's mentality about investing in the stock market.

Explaining his process, the Value Investor par excellence says, "I am a Contrarian Value Investor. This means I am usually buying stocks when no one wants them. I come in and buy stocks when they are distressed and being hated on. There is usually a lot of emotion and fear behind the stocks I buy. And, since I am doing the opposite of what the majority are doing, they tend to think I am crazy or say that I don't know what I am doing. It gets them really confused!"