A website that tracks flight details has revealed useful information into the route and details of the private jet that flew auto tycoon Carlos Ghosn from Japan last week. According to details from Flightradar24, Ghosn's private jet took off from Kansai International Airport in Japan late in the night on December 29.

Nissan Motor's former head escaped from Japan even as he was scheduled to face trial over alleged financial irregularities. Ghosn, the storied turnaround man in the global auto industry, said in a statement on December 30 that he reached Lebanon, escaping from the 'rigged' justice system in Japan.

Carole Ghosn
Carole Ghosn and Carlos Ghosn

Nothing unusual about the aircraft

Citing sources, Japan's public broadcaster NHK said the private jet that flew Ghosn out of the country arrived at Kansai airport from Dubai in the morning of December 29. The plane contained several suitcases and large cases IANS reported. It underwent immigration and customs checks at the airport before it took off with Ghosn in the night and that there was nothing unusual about the aircraft.

Japanese prosecutors arrested Ghosn in November 2018 over alleged breaches of financial trading law. The auto tycoon, who also headed Renault SA of France, was accused of failing to declare compensation accurately over the years. The dramatic arrest and prolonged imprisonment had triggered speculation of an insider plot that led to Ghosn's downfall. He was released on a $9 million bail in March 2019.

Wild theories afloat

Ghosn's escape from house arrest startled Japanese authorities, while he was welcomed with fanfare in Lebanon. The escape from the high security home where he was under 24-hour surveillance triggered many conspiracy theories as well. One of the theories was that Ghosn's wife Carole Ghosn orchestrated the escape using her contacts in Lebanon and Turkey.

Carole denied the reports, while Ghosn is not expected to reveal the details about the espace for fear of endangering the people who pulled it off. "I have not fled justice – I have escaped injustice and political persecution. I can now finally communicate freely with the media, and look forward to starting next week," the 65-year-old said.

Arrived in Beirut legally

Carlos Ghosn, Chairman of Nissan
Carlos Ghosn, Chairman of Nissan Nissan

Ghosn arrived in a private jet Beirut's Rafic al-Hariri international airport late on Sunday. The Japanese immigration authorities had no record of Ghosn leaving through any of the airports, NHK said. It was revealed later that Ghosn had arrived in Beirut legally, using a French passport.

NHK reported that the authorities had allowed Ghosn to carry a spare French passport after he was released on bail. Ghosn was supposed to keep the spare passport in a locked case and the keys should have been kept by the lawyers. Ghosn, who was born in Brazil and raised in Lebanon, has Lebanese, Brazilian and French citizenship.