Cardi B reveals sexual assault incident by a photographer and how it affected her

As shocking and sad as it might sound, Cardi B revealed that she was sexually assaulted during a magazine photoshoot by the photographer. According to the American rapper, the photographer went too far and was not at all professional on the sets. She further added that the photographer ''pulled his d*** out'' and tried to get close to her despite being asked not to do so.

The 26-year-old rapper and television personality shared her #MeToo experience on the sexual assault and said that she was ''f***ing mad'' at what happened and will ''never forget'' the incident all her life.

However, it is unclear about when and where the assault took place as Cardi B didn't spill out the beans completely. The name of the unruly photographer, who sexually assaulted her has not been revealed either.

The 26-year-old rapper had informed the owner of the magazine about the devastating experience but the response of the owner was not what she expected. However, going by how angry and upset she is, we can expect her to name the photographer and the magazine in the coming days.

Cardi B revealed in full details about her experience for the upcoming episode of 'Untold Stories of Hip Hop'. The interview will be aired on WE TV Network on September 26, 2019.

Cardi B @WE tv

''I will never forget how I went to shoot for this magazine and the photographer, he was trying to get close to me like, "Yeah, you want to get in this magazine?" she recalled. ''Then he pulled his d*** out.''

''I was so f***ing mad, and I was just like, "This is crazy."' She told the photographer ''you're f***ing bugging''' and stormed out of the sets in complete shock and disbelief.

'You know what's so crazy?'; said Cardi B, ''I told the magazine owner and he just looked at me like, "So? And?"' She revealed that made the situation much worse as there were repercussions for the photographer's actions.

When asked about what would she do if something like this happens again to her, Cardi B responded, ''Oh, hell no. I'll put you on blast on my Instagram ... I'll f***ing violate.''