Cardano Project Bashoswap Readies For AMA On Cardanodaily, Set To Kick Off $Bash Initial Token Sale

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Founded by about Beri Ardas, a blockchain entrepreneur backed by a team of seasoned full stack development team, strategic partners and advisors.

Bashoswap, according to it's White paper is on a mission to develop disruptive DApps and pro-tocols for the Cardano ecosystem which will include a permission less on-chain staking, LP to-ken locking protocol, lending and governance protocols tailored specifically for the Cardano ecosystem

With the current MilkomedaMainnet launch, the Bashoswap team is already exploring the op-portunities of building a Multi-Chain DEX that will make it possible to Trade Ethereum&Binance based tokens on CardanoUtilizing MilkomedaSidechain Rollup, Bashoswap will bring together existing functionalities on other blockchains such as Uniswap and Pancakeswap and repurpose them for the CardanoBlockchain.

$BASH, Bashoswap's utility token, can be used in various ways by the community, including Staking, Farming BASH token, and governance as we will build de-fi applications that will be powered by the $BASH token,

Cardano tokens can be traded, liquidity can be added to generate LP fees, and a launch pad for Cardano startups will be available at platform launch.

Interested Users can visit the Bashswap Private Round Whitelist Page to secure a whitelist spot.

Early adopters can join Bash's Private token sale round which has seen over 1600 investors sub-scribing to be whitelisted to buy the bash-swap utility token before it goes public.

This article was first published on March 30, 2022