Cardalonia's $LONIA Seed Token Sale To End In 24Hours as it Releases its Staking Platform

Cardalonia’s $LONIA Seed Token

The increasingly popular Metaverse Project Cardalonia is currently developing a Cardano Blockchain-based play-to-earn Cardano Metaverse project.

Through the project, the Cardalonia team intends to connect blockchain developers and NFT creators together in special play-to-earn games that ensure a curated and interactive Metaverse experience through its $LONIA utility token.

The token can be acquired through the official website at the stipulated seed sale rate.

Cardalonia Flexible Staking

Cardalonia has recently released the Flexible Staking Vault, a platform for its token holders to earn a wide range of benefits such as DAO Governance, compounded monthly rewards, and pre-sale land sale tickets for staking their tokens. The $LONIA token holders can earn up to 20% APY passive income for staking the token.

The developer team created the Flexible Staking & Auto-Compounding Mechanism with similar functions to the Cardano Stake Pools.

The token protocol makes staking transactions a lot easier and more efficient. It also offers token holders the highest returns on staking while holding their tokens in their wallets. They can stake their tokens by using this staking link.

Cardalonia Metaverse Features

One of the Cardalonia Metaverse games' unique features is players' ability to interact together according to their land proximity. This fosters unity and a healthy relationship between players. There is also an advertising mode for Cardalonia landowners to advertise their products or services on their properties.

The latest play-to-earn version of the game will be released by the first quarter of 2023.

$LONIA Seed Sale

Currently, a seed sale is ongoing for prospective early Cardalonia project investors.

Allocation: 15,000,000 tokens.

Price: 14 $LONIA tokens = 1 ADA.

Minimum amount: 500 ADA or 7,000 $LONIA tokens.

$LONIA token holders are automatically allowed to participate in the Cardalonia land presale. Early adopters have acquired over 25% of the allotted seed sale.