Car Explosion Outside Liverpool Hospital Leaves One Dead, Counter-Terror Police Active

Counter-Terrorism police are leading the investigation on a car explosion outside a Liverpool hospital.

An explosion outside a women's hospital in Liverpool left one person dead. Another person suffered 'not life threatening' injuries. According to Merseyside Police, a car exploded outside Liverpool Women's Hospital before 11 am on Sunday, November 14. The car involved in the explosion was a taxi, which is said to have pulled up outside the hospital a little before the explosion.

Counter-Terrorism Police have taken the lead in the investigation 'out of caution' alongside Merseyside Police, a spokesman for the force stated. Police have not declared the explosion 'a terrorist incident at this stage.' Police urged the public to remain 'calm but vigilant.'

"Unfortunately, we can confirm that one person has died and another has been taken to hospital where he is being treated for his injuries, which thankfully are not life-threatening," a spokesperson for Merseyside Police told MailOnline. "Work is still going on to establish what has happened, and could take some time before we are in a position to confirm anything." The spokesperson further added that the authorities are "keeping an open mind as to what caused the explosion." The rep further noted that "cordons are in place, and there are some road closures."

Scenes from explosion outside Liverpool hospital
Scenes from explosion outside Liverpool hospital Screen grab - Twitter@saikirankannan

'Alarming situation'

A resident on Rutland Avenue, near Sefton Park told Liver Echo that the situation was 'alarming' and that those living on the street weren't aware of what was happening. "At the Ullet Road there is about four police vehicles, one is jackknifed in the middle of the road and another vehicle is in front of that.At the other end it's cordoned off and there is police there. At the Ullet Road end there are what looks like police marksmen. All the residents have been told to stay indoors and the police gave no further information," she said.

'Unsettling and upsetting'

The mayor of Liverpool, Joanne Anderson said in a tweet that that incident was "unsettling and upsetting." Merseyside police said they have "triggered our information channels, to inform the local community and businesses about what information we do have and can provide." "We will issue updates as soon as we have more information," the statement further added.