Cannaris Analytical Labs to partner with California-based licensed distributors to offer cannabis testing

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The legalization of cannabis for medicinal use has given rise to a lot of development and testing of the plant and its products, requiring new and high-end research facilities to meet the rising demand. Companies and individuals engage in accurate and reliable testing of cannabis to ensure the quality of the product and harness their complete benefits to cure major diseases.

According to a recent study by independent investment research agency, GreenWave Advisors, the cannabis testing laboratory revenues in the United States alone is expected to reach $850 million.

Ryan Bishop
Ryan Bishop

Cannaris Analytical Labs is one such company joining the growth curve. Owned and operated by Ryan Bishop, the company is dedicated to providing advanced research on cannabis and hemp. From July 2019, the company will begin to partner with various licensed distributors in California and provide full compliance with cannabis testing to the state.

The vision of Cannaris is driven by Ryan, a serial entrepreneur with extensive knowledge of the cannabis industry. He started his entrepreneurial journey with retail licensing and operations of dispensaries, followed by cannabis packaging for medical firms, and a licensing agency. After eight years of exploring various operations and functions of cannabis applications, zoning, and regulations, Ryan launched Cannaris Analytical Labs to facilitate the growing research needs of cannabis plants in the United States.

Newly launched Cannaris Analytical Labs has already started work to implement strategies to expand its footprints across various other states where cannabis usage is regulated and legalized. Ryan is currently eyeing various locations in the country and spreading the company's presence, particularly in areas where medical facilities are seeking detailed research. He said, "The goal is to ensure that before reaching patients, the cannabis extract is well-tested in the lab and goes through enough trials. The medicinal sphere is entirely different from the illegal recreational market that we often encounter."

A host of multi-state organizations depend on Cannaris Labs for consistent testing. Over the years, by working in diverse domains, Ryan identified the health and wellness concerns related to cannabis and its products used for medicinal use. He added, "Our labs across North America will provide the highest quality analytical and R&D service while providing consulting to our customers achieving a safer quality product. All labs will provide the same level of accuracy, customer service, and professionalism."

With his strategic vision and focus on quality research, Ryan is all set to make Cannaris Analytical Labs one of the reputed names in the cannabis testing industry, with the largest footprints in the United States.