CanaFarma Hemp Products cements commanding position within global market


As the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt macroeconomic outcomes across every major international trade and business hub, countless businesses have perished and consumers seem to be adopting innovative and highly viable alternatives.

Within the hemp and hemp oil industry (which is projected to break resistance and reach a multi-billion-dollar capitalization in the coming years) countless players have attempted to consolidate their position as market makers and industry leaders, but most of them have failed miserably.

However, a handful of resourceful and quality-obsessed enterprises have captured tremendous success along with a nearly uncontestable top of mind leadership, in the midst of previously unimaginable worldwide volatility.

CanaFarma is a burgeoning company that has effectively re-arranged the vector of pop culture in only a few months. The executives at the New York-based firm (which is listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange: CNFA) decided to court one of the entertainment industry´s biggest power brokers.

By successfully recruiting Gibson Kagni – an award-winning music producer and the strategist behind some of the most successful consumer brands of the last decade - CanaFarma effectively acquired an all-access pass to modern popular culture. Through Mr. Kagni´s connections and his proactive involvement as a shareholder, the company has been able to secure marquee product development partnerships such as a deal with social media superstar "Foodgod" which was unveiled recently.

Foodgod and CanaFarma will work together to build a line of high-quality hemp oil-infused snack and dessert products that meet the highest standards of excellence. CanaFarma's science-based approach to designing and formulating its products will be partnered with Foodgod's unique knowledge of the food industry to deliver premium products under the Foodgod brand in which consumers can have great confidence.

Foodgod (Jonathan Cheban) commented, "I am excited to partner with CanaFarma to execute my vision to create a Foodgod CBD snack and dessert line inspired by the best of Pop Culture, which my audience of millions has grown to expect of the Foodgod brand. Together with CanaFarma, which takes a rigorous and science-based approach to the business, we will meet the highest standards of excellence."

David Lonsdale, CEO of CanaFarma said, "We are delighted to have secured this joint venture partnership with Foodgod and look forward to creating the most exciting brand for CBD products."