Canada Plans To Modernize Aerospace Defense; Announces an Ambitious Missile Plan

As per Canada's Defence Minister Anita Anand the main reason behind this initiative is the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Canada has unveiled its plans to invest over $3.8 billion in technologizing the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) in the coming six years.

Emphasizing on the urgency to modernize the joint US-Canadian aerospace warning system, Canada's Defence Minister, Anita Anand explained that the decision was motivated by the rise of hi-tech inventions such as hypersonic weapons and advanced cruise missiles by 'competitors.'

Referring to the role played by Russia in the past 4 months which disrupted the international order safeguarding countries for years and the challenges of climate change, Anand pointed out that it is extremely important to be prepared for any future crisis, CBC reported.

Canada Missile Plan

She repeated that the biggest contributing factor in Ottawa's decision to invest billions in modernizing the 'aging' missile warning system is the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The first part of the initiative will be marked by an investment of $3.8 billion and in the next two decades the amount is expected to go up to $31 billion.

According to RT, the ambitious plan will incorporate a space-based surveillance project, an Arctic over-the-horizon radar system accompanied by a new system called "Crossbow" under which early warning sensors will be positioned in different parts of the country.

Anita Anand
Defence Minister of Canada Anita Anand Twitter

Speaking at an airbase in Trenton, Ontario, Anand mentioned that as NORAD has successfully evolved without fail in the past, tackling new threats, this initiative will add to its capability to produce even more exceptional results.

"NORAD has continually adapted and evolved in response to new threats. Today, we turn another page and begin NORAD's next chapter," she said.