Can Decentralisation Disrupt Social Media Going Into 2022?

 The LoveChain

The social media industry remains one of the most robust across the world due to the popularity of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram across different demographics.

The Love Chain is the first social media platform built on the Algorand blockchain that celebrates love while also giving users control over their data and rewards. The LoveChain is the world's first social media network that enables users to generate NFTs from the content they create and share.

October research from Datareportal in partnership with We Are Social and Hootsuite reveals the global number of social media users has officially passed 4.5 billion.

More than 400 million people started to use social media from October 2020-October 2021, with an average of 13 new people starting to use social media for the first time each second. Research trends suggest that 60% of the world will use social media platforms by the end of Q2 2022.
Overall, Facebook remains the most popular social media platform with more than 2.895 billion users. YouTube, Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger round out the top five most-used social media platforms. Notably, TikTok became the seventh platform to join the billion-user club after reaching the milestone at the end of September 2021.

The immense breadth and scope of many leading social media platforms have inspired a range of challengers and alternative networks. Traditional social media platforms have come under intense scrutiny in particular for issues related to platform security and privacy.

Many also worry as social media platforms seemingly send and receive data from other platforms for advertising purposes - in a manner many feel like they are not able to escape from. In 2021, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission refilled an antitrust case against Facebook, essentially arguing the social media giant needed to be broken up.

The Case For Blockchain-Based Social Media Platforms

Problems with security have made many interested in blockchain-based social media platforms. These types of platforms offer much more privacy due to their decentralized architecture and even open up opportunities for users to receive compensation for sharing content and interacting with others.

Many also argue the decentralized control and democratic decision making possible within blockchain-based social media platforms are immense advantages over closed traditional platforms.

Users on decentralized and blockchain-based social media protocols also maintain ownership of their data as posts and other content is not able to be removed. Many traditional social media users have decried censorship and other manipulation by staffers of companies like Facebook and Twitter who maintain vast control over user information.

Blockchain technology clearly has a future within the social media industry and a number of unique and innovative platforms have emerged to innovate for the future.

The LoveChain blockchain is a blockchain-based social media platform themed around relationships and love that provides users with an immutable record as they record, celebrate, and share their love of family members, friends, hobbies, and other topics.

All The LoveChain profiles receive a cryptographically generated code that symbolizes the unique user-platform relationship.

Understanding The LoveChain's Many Benefits for Content Creators and Users

The LoveChain content can be created and shared across the network without any centralized control or oversight. Any media can be permanently saved to the blockchain, preserving information as a keepsake and ensuring users maintain full control.

Founded in Sydney Australia, The LoveChain is the first social media platform that permits NFT creation from created content and rewards content creators and users with tokens built into an integrated platform wallet.

The LOVR reward token can be used for discounts with The LoveChain merchant partners. The overall ecosystem is powered by the LOV token that is subject to a quarterly swap for merchant goods and services.

The advantages of blockchain-based social media platforms are immense. Each user is essentially given their own piece of virtual real estate that exists forever, free from any outside control or influence.

As the influence of blockchain continues to grow, the technology will continue to take over traditional social media by providing a secure, decentralized, and effective alternative that fixes many of the issues plaguing current social media options.

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