Camilo Doumat: Without Hard Work And Dedication, Success Is Impossible

Camilo Doumat

Experiencing the American dream is every immigrant's ultimate goal, and for that, they have to go through hell. Camilo Doumat, e-commerce genius and business owner, arrived in America to achieve his dreams because he was tired of following someone else and wanted to be his own boss. Now, his company makes 8 digits in revenue.

Originally from Venezuela, Camilo used to dream of running an online business when he lived in his home country. That dream brought him to America, but even then, the beginning wasn't that smooth. "I used to drive an Uber in the beginning to make ends meet. It paid the bills, so I wasn't too upset. Once I landed on my feet, I quit that job and started my business," said Camilo. Within 7 days of starting his business, he had made nearly $50,000 in revenue, which was a really large amount to make so soon after starting the business. Where he had originally been making a living by selling telephones through the free market, today, he owns a legitimate business where he often makes about $100,000 a day and ends up making over a million dollars in revenue per month.

"E-commerce isn't exactly the easiest sector to work in. There are myriad problems to take care of and understand, not to mention the competition is stiff. Without countless hours on the job, without dedication, success is impossible. If I weren't completely confident of my abilities and my drive to succeed, I would have lost," said Camilo. His work is unique and different from his competitors for a variety of reasons. He ensures the quality of his products and services himself. He also makes sure that his product page looks good enough so that he himself might want to buy stuff from it. His passion for cars has enabled him to purchase two Lamborghinis, which have also proved to be a great way to pitch a sale. "People see my two Lamborghinis and naturally want to know how I make a living. I take it as an opportunity to tell them about my business and encourage them to make purchases," added Camilo Doumat.

Camilo Doumat is not only good at selling online, but is also an expert at creating and promoting internet brands, and is especially good at Facebook and Instagram ads. He never misses an opportunity. By converting every lead into a sale, Camilo proves that hard work as well natural charisma can take you places.